1. 23 Feb, 2010 3 commits
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      Initial revision. · a7b064f5
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      Perhaps this is a bug in defsystem for Allegro, but set the source · 2c5e0d97
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      extension for each module.  For some reason Allegro expects the
      extension to be "l".
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      Support the Fortran capability of passing an array of one type · 12a40813
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      to a routine expecting a different type.  Currently only supports REAL
      and COMPLEX arrays (and their double precison versions).
      o Update
      o Export new symbols f2cl-copy-seq and make-compatible-seq.
      o New variable *copy-array-parameter* for keeping track of the option
        for f2cl and f2cl-compile.
      o Update f2cl and f2cl-compile to recognize :copy-array-parameter.
      o Modify massage-arglist and generate-call-to-routine to handle the
        new :copy-array-parameter capability.
      o Fix issue where quoted elements were modified.  They shouldn't be.
      o Fix issue where (array simple-float (*)) would get erroneously
        converted to (array simple-float (f2cl-lib:int-mul)).  We want to
        leave bare * alone.
      o New macro f2cl-copy-seq to generate code to copy a sequence
      o New function to create a compatible array to support
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