1. 15 Sep, 2013 2 commits
  2. 01 Apr, 2013 2 commits
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      Do a better job of handling symbols that have the same name as · 34a34954
      Raymond Toy authored
      intrinsics but are not intrinsic functions.
      o Get rid of *default-intrinsic-function-names*, and revert
        *intrinsic-function-names* to its original definition.
      o Add *non-intrinsic-function-names* to hold symbols that can't be
        intrinsics because they are in the formal argument list of a
      o Remove *declared-intrinsic-names*
      o When fixing up symbols that should be from f2cl-lib package because
        they're intrinsic functions, skip over symbols in
      o Check the subprogram arg list for symbols have the same name as
        intrinsics and save them on *non-intrinsic-function-names* because we
        know they can't be intrinsics.
      o When trying to ID an intrinsic function call, we have to skip over
        anything in *non-intrinsic-function-names* because we know they're not
      o Update check-reserved-lisp-names because we don't need to handle
        intrinsic function specially.  Any symbol that looks like an instrinsic
        is one, unless it also shows up in *non-intrinsic-function-names*.
        This means we don't append "$" to these symbols, and that we also don't
        spuriously create symbols that aren't used.
  3. 26 Mar, 2013 1 commit
  4. 24 Mar, 2013 2 commits
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      Add test for character name*(*). · a5323ba3
      Raymond Toy authored
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      Fix issues discovered when updating maxima to lapack 3.4.2.: · b3314329
      Raymond Toy authored
      o Did not handle the declaration correctly:
           character name*(*)
        This was declaring name to be an array of strings, but it's really
        just a string of unknown length.
      o Added new (Fortran 95) intrinsic LEN_TRIM.  This was needed by the
        new version of lapack.
      o Try to be more careful about declaring things that were declared as
        instrinsics.  We no longer create a dummy variable named foo$ when
        we foo is declared as a intrinsic.
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  10. 03 Dec, 2011 4 commits
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      Split up blas.asd into individual asd files. · 29562b8b
      Raymond Toy authored
      o New asd for real and complex parts of blas.
      o Update
      o Load f2cl
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      Add support for test-op for lapack. · becbc9ce
      Raymond Toy authored
      o Define test system
      o Add test infrastructure
      o Add deftest for dgeev
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      Ignore .o files. · 2b26abe6
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      The function database needs the relaxed declarations, if any. · 06a85980
      Raymond Toy authored
      Previously, the function definition would have the right declarations,
      but the database would not have the relaxed declarations.  This produces
      spurious warnings when converting functions that call the erroneously
      declared function.
      o Make MAKE-F2CL-FINFO automatically relax the array declarations if
      o If we update the function arg types, we need to relax the array
        declarations, if needed.
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