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......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ with two advantages:
When using `fare-quasiquote-optima`, expressions parsed by `fare-quasiquote`
can be used as pattern matching patterns with `optima`.
`trivia` also supports `fare-quasiquote`.
We recommend you use `named-readtables` to enable
at the beginning and end of your Lisp files,
......@@ -67,8 +68,9 @@ or around their compilation (e.g. using ASDF around-compile hooks).
Note however that it is important not to let such `readtables` leak into
the compilation of files that do not depend on `fare-quasiquote`.
Note that since `optima` doesn't support backtracking,
it cannot match `append` patterns, and those quasiquote templates that
Note that since pattern matchers like `optima` and `trivia` do not support
backtracking (unlike say an embedded logic programming language),
they cannot match `append` patterns, and those quasiquote templates that
expand into something using `append` can't be used as patterns to match.
This means that the use of ,@ or ,. is restricted to the end of a list
when used as a pattern.
......@@ -85,15 +87,21 @@ References
Essential documents consulted while implementing this file:
* [Alan Bawden's paper at PEPM 99](
* [CLtL2](
* [CLHS](
* [Alan Bawden's PEPM 99 paper: Quasiquotation in Lisp](
* [The CLtL2 Appendix C: Backquote](
* [The CLHS section 2.4.6: Backquote](
* [Slate reference manual section 2.6.2 on quoting and unquoting](
* Common Lisp backquote implementation, written in Common Lisp. (public domain)
Author: Guy L. Steele Jr. Date: 27 December 1985.
To be used with patch by Alex Plotnick 2010 regarding the simplification pass.
To be used with 2010 patch by Alex Plotnick regarding the simplification pass.
* SBCL backquote implementation (derived from CMUCL, used the October 2010 version).
If you for whatever reason ever feel like reimplementing backquote,
you should probably leverage the many tests in my test file
[quasiquote-test.lisp](quasiquote-test.lisp) ---
in addition to my own test cases, I notably included the tests from SBCL;
they include regression tests for many actual bugs in subtle cases that you might otherwise miss.
Read-time vs Macro-expansion-time
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