Commit 697bb9c9 authored by Helmut Eller's avatar Helmut Eller

(lisp-version-string)[cmu]: Replace spaces with underscores.

parent bc7a8222
......@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@
(cl:defpackage :swank-loader
(:use :common-lisp))
(:use :cl))
(in-package :swank-loader)
(cl:in-package :swank-loader)
(defun make-swank-pathname (name &optional (type "lisp"))
"Return a pathname with name component NAME in the Slime directory."
......@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@
(defparameter *implementation-features*
'(:allegro :lispworks :sbcl :openmcl :cmu :clisp :ccl :corman :cormanlisp :armedbear :gcl :ecl))
'(:allegro :lispworks :sbcl :openmcl :cmu :clisp :ccl :corman :cormanlisp
:armedbear :gcl :ecl))
(defparameter *os-features*
'(:macosx :linux :windows :mswindows :win32 :solaris :darwin :sunos :unix))
......@@ -47,10 +48,10 @@
'(:powerpc :ppc :x86 :x86-64 :i686 :pc386 :iapx386 :sparc))
(defun lisp-version-string ()
#+cmu (substitute #\- #\/ (lisp-implementation-version))
#+cmu (substitute-if #\_ (lambda (x) (find x " /"))
#+sbcl (lisp-implementation-version)
#+ecl (lisp-implementation-version)
#+gcl (let ((s (lisp-implementation-version))) (subseq s 4))
#+openmcl (format nil "~d.~d"
......@@ -133,25 +134,23 @@ recompiled."
(load file :verbose t)
(append (list (make-swank-pathname "swank-backend"))
(list *swank-pathname*)))
(funcall (intern (string :warn-unimplemented-interfaces) :swank-backend))
(defun load-user-init-file ()
"Load the user init file, return NIL if it does not exist."
(load (merge-pathnames (user-homedir-pathname)
(make-pathname :name ".swank" :type "lisp"))
:if-does-not-exist nil))
(export 'load-user-init-file)
(defun load-site-init-file ()
(load (make-pathname :name "site-init" :type "lisp"
:defaults *load-truename*)
:if-does-not-exist nil))
(or (load-site-init-file)
(append (list (make-swank-pathname "swank-backend"))
(list *swank-pathname*)))
(funcall (intern (string :warn-unimplemented-interfaces) :swank-backend))
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