Commit 91186569 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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ready for new patches build

parent ffb6f9b2
......@@ -49,9 +49,6 @@
;; Merged into devo 2020-08-17
......@@ -417,3 +414,95 @@ form-controls (default of these is also nil) will be respected. Default is nil."
(setq anything-changed? (glisp:set-settings *settings*))
(in-package :svg)
(define-lens (svg base-drawing)()
(let ((view-center (if (the user-center)
(scalar*vector (the user-scale) (the user-center))
(make-point 0 0 0))))
(with-format-slots (view)
(let ((parent-scale (when view (the-object view view-scale-total))))
(mapc #'(lambda(child-view)
(let ((old-scale (the-object child-view user-scale)))
(when parent-scale (the-object child-view (set-slot! :user-scale parent-scale)))
(let ((width (the-object child-view width))
(length (the-object child-view length)))
(with-html-output (*stream*)
:width "100%" :height "100%"
:onmousedown (when (the parent vector-graphics-onclick?)
(the parent (gdl-ajax-call :function-key :dig-point :bashee (the parent)
:respondent (the parent :respondent)))))
((:svg :id "svg-1" :viewBox (format nil "0 0 ~a ~a" width length)
:width width
:height length
:style (format nil "background-color: ~a" (lookup-color (format-slot background-color)
:format :hex)))
(with-translated-state (:svg (make-point (- (get-x view-center))
(- (get-y view-center))))
(write-the-object child-view cad-output))))))
(when parent-scale (the-object child-view (set-slot! :user-scale old-scale)))))
(the views)))))))))
(in-package :gwl)
(define-object-amendment base-ajax-graphics-sheet ()
(case (the image-format-selector value)
(format nil "
function x3draw ()
if (x3dom.type != 'undefined') x3dom.reload();
var elem = document.getElementById('view-~(~a~)');
if (elem) elem.setAttribute('set_bind', 'true');
var x3dom1 = document.getElementById('x3dom-1');
if (x3dom1) xruntime= x3dom1.runtime;
" (the view-selector value)))
panZoomSVG1 = svgPanZoom('#svg-1', {
zoomEnabled: true,
controlIconsEnabled: true,
preventMouseEventsDefault: false,
fit: true,
minZoom: 0.01,
maxZoom: 100,
center: true});")))
(the inner-html)
(cond ((member (the image-format-selector value) (list :x3dom :svg))
(with-cl-who-string ()
((:script :type "text/javascript")
(str (the viewport-js-text))))))
(t ""))))
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