Commit 18899df7 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias
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When entering a gdl function arg that has gdl doc, show the gdl doc in the echo area

parent 9a21c678
......@@ -64,6 +64,9 @@
(and (zerop i) (null list)))))
(sequence (= (length seq) n))))
(defun whitespacep (c)
(memq c '(#\Return #\Linefeed #\space #\tab)))
(declaim (inline memq))
(defun memq (item list)
(member item list :test #'eq))
......@@ -191,7 +194,8 @@ Otherwise NIL is returned."
any-p ; whether &any appeared
any-args ; list of &any arguments [*]
known-junk ; &whole, &environment
unknown-junk) ; unparsed stuff
unknown-junk ; unparsed stuff
doc-plist) ; arg documentation
;;; [*] The &ANY lambda keyword is an extension to ANSI Common Lisp,
......@@ -429,16 +433,20 @@ Otherwise NIL is returned."
;; Print symbol without package prefix (but escaping any special chars as usual).
(defun write-symbol-name (sym)
(let ((*print-gensym* nil))
(prin1 (if (or (keywordp sym) (null (symbol-package sym))) sym (make-symbol (symbol-name sym))))))
(defun print-arg (arg &key literal-strings)
(let ((arg (if (arglist-dummy-p arg)
(arglist-dummy.string-representation arg)
(if (or
(and literal-strings
(stringp arg))
(keywordp arg))
(prin1 arg)
(princ arg))))
(declare (ignore literal-strings))
(if (arglist-dummy-p arg)
(princ (arglist-dummy.string-representation arg))
(if (symbolp arg)
(write-symbol-name arg)
(let ((*print-length* 10)
(*print-level* 3))
(prin1 arg)))))
(defun print-decoded-arglist-as-template (decoded-arglist &key
(prefix "(") (suffix ")"))
......@@ -506,12 +514,13 @@ Otherwise NIL is returned."
(if (message-list-arglist-p operator decoded-arglist)
(print-message-list-for-autodoc decoded-arglist print-right-margin)
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(let ((*print-right-margin* print-right-margin))
(print-decoded-arglist decoded-arglist
:operator operator
:highlight highlight))))))
(or (find-current-argdoc decoded-arglist highlight)
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(let ((*print-right-margin* print-right-margin))
(print-decoded-arglist decoded-arglist
:operator operator
:highlight highlight)))))))
(defun decoded-arglist-to-template-string (decoded-arglist
&key (prefix "(") (suffix ")"))
......@@ -558,15 +567,19 @@ Otherwise NIL is returned."
:default-arg (canonicalize-default-arg default-arg)))
;; Interns arg if it's symbol-like, otherwise returns nil
(defun intern-arg (arg package)
(defun intern-arg (arg package &optional (createp t))
(typecase arg
(symbol (unless (or (null arg) (eq arg +cursor-marker+))
(intern (symbol-name arg) package)))
(if createp
(intern (symbol-name arg) package)
(find-symbol (symbol-name arg) package))))
(arglist-dummy (let ((string (arglist-dummy.string-representation arg)))
(unless (string= string "")
(unless (eq (readtable-case *readtable*) :preserve)
(setq string (string-upcase string)))
(intern string package))))
(if createp
(intern string package)
(find-symbol string package)))))
(t nil)))
(defun decode-keyword-arg (arg)
......@@ -1393,14 +1406,20 @@ to the context provided by RAW-FORM."
(find-key :quantify (cdr slot-form)))
(cdr cell))))
(defun destrung-slot-form (slot-form)
(loop while (and (consp slot-form) (stringp (car slot-form)))
do (setq slot-form (cdr slot-form)))
(defun messages-from-defn (defn &key functionp sequencedp)
(loop with classname = (object-defn-classname defn)
with keys = (object-defn-keys defn) while keys
for key = (pop keys) for section = (pop keys)
when (and (memq key +define-object-sections+) (consp section))
nconc (loop for slot-form in section
nconc (loop for raw-slot-form in section
for slot-form = (destrung-slot-form raw-slot-form)
as symbol = (if (consp slot-form)
(gendl::first-symbol slot-form)
(car slot-form)
as message = (intern-arg symbol keyword-package)
when (and message
......@@ -1427,12 +1446,13 @@ to the context provided by RAW-FORM."
for key = (pop keys) for section = (pop keys)
thereis (and (memq key +define-object-sections+)
(consp section)
(loop for slot-form in section
(loop for raw-slot-form in section
as slot-form = (destrung-slot-form raw-slot-form)
as symbol = (if (consp slot-form)
(gendl::first-symbol slot-form)
(car slot-form)
when (eq message (intern-arg symbol keyword-package))
return (unless (and (eq slot-form (object-defn-slot-form defn))
return (unless (and (eq raw-slot-form (object-defn-slot-form defn))
(eq key :functions)
(or (null (cddr slot-form))
(not (listp (cadr slot-form)))))
......@@ -1519,11 +1539,121 @@ else eliminate any function messages with required keywords, and
(defun message-arglist-from-class (class message)
(when-let (category (gendl-category class message))
(case category
(:functions (car (gendl-source class message)))
((:quantified-objects :quantified-hidden-objects) '(gendl::index))
(t ())))))
(with-available-arglist (arglist)
(case category
(:functions (car (gendl-source class message)))
((:quantified-objects :quantified-hidden-objects) '(gendl::index))
(t '())))
(setf (arglist.doc-plist arglist) (gendl-arglist-doc class message))
(defun parse-gendl-arglist-doc (string &optional (keywords '(:arguments :&optional :&key :&rest :&body)))
(let ((revplist nil)
(in-pre? nil)
(key nil)
(key-end nil))
(flet ((collect (key start &optional (end (length string)))
(when (eq key :args) (setq key :arguments))
(when (and key (or (null keywords) (member key keywords)))
(let ((val (if (member key '(:arguments :&optional :&key :&rest :&body))
(loop while (< start end)
as val = (multiple-value-bind (val idx)
(read-from-string string nil string :start start :end end)
(setq start idx)
unless (eq val string) collect val)
(subseq string start end))))
;; Sometimes the surrounding parens are there, sometimes not...
(when (and (consp val) (null (cdr val))) (setq val (car val)))
(setq revplist (list* val key revplist))))))
for start = 0 then (1+ end)
for end = (position #\newline string :start start)
do (cond ((search "<pre>" string :start2 start :end2 end) (setq in-pre? t))
((search "</pre>" string :start2 start :end2 end) (setq in-pre? nil)))
do (unless in-pre?
(when-let (pos (position-if-not #'whitespacep string :start start :end end))
;; non-blank line.
(when (or (eql (aref string pos) #\:)
(let ((epos (position-if-not #'upper-case-p string :start pos :end end)))
(and (or (null epos) (whitespacep (aref string epos)))
(> (or epos (length string)) (+ pos 3)))))
(collect key key-end start)
(let ((*package* keyword-package))
(multiple-value-setq (key key-end)
(read-from-string string t nil :start start :end end))))))
do (when (null end)
(collect key key-end)
(nreverse revplist))))
(defun gendl-arglist-doc (class arg)
(when-let (proto (gendl-class-prototype class))
(when-let (message (intern-arg arg keyword-package nil))
(when-let (doc (cadr (gendl:the-object proto (:slot-documentation message))))
(when (stringp doc)
(parse-gendl-arglist-doc doc))))))
(defun find-argdoc-by-name (arg doc-plist)
(let ((string (if (arglist-dummy-p arg)
(arglist-dummy.string-representation arg)
(symbol-name arg))))
(flet ((match (arg)
(loop while (consp arg) do (setq arg (car arg)))
(and (symbolp arg) (string-equal (symbol-name arg) string))))
(loop for (nil arg-info) on doc-plist by #'cddr
;; It looks like sometimes we get a plist and sometimes an alist
thereis (if (every #'consp arg-info)
(loop for (arg doc) in arg-info when (match arg) return doc)
(loop for (arg doc) on arg-info by #'cddr when (match arg) return doc))))))
(defun find-argdoc-by-position (index doc-plist)
(flet ((fetch (list)
(let ((len (length list)))
(cond ((every #'consp list)
(when (< index len)
(return-from find-argdoc-by-position (cadr (nth index list))))
(decf index len))
(t (let ((pindex (1+ (* index 2))))
(when (< pindex len)
(return-from find-argdoc-by-position (nth pindex list))))
(decf index (ceiling len 2)))))))
(fetch (getf doc-plist :arguments))
(fetch (getf doc-plist :&optional))
(defun find-current-argdoc (arglist highlight)
(when-let (cur-index (car highlight))
(when-let (doc-plist (arglist.doc-plist arglist))
(let* ((index 0)
(arg (do-decoded-arglist arglist
(&provided () (incf index))
(&required (arg)
(when (eql index cur-index)
(return-from do-decoded-arglist arg))
(incf index))
(&optional (arg)
(when (eql index cur-index)
(return-from do-decoded-arglist arg))
(incf index))
(&key (keyword)
(when (eql keyword cur-index)
(setq index nil)
(return-from do-decoded-arglist keyword)))
(&rest (arg)
(when (eq index cur-index)
(setq index nil)
(return-from do-decoded-arglist arg))))))
(when-let (doc (and arg
;; we don't have doc for structured arglists, so just punt
(not (arglist-p arg))
(or (find-argdoc-by-name arg doc-plist)
(and index (find-argdoc-by-position index doc-plist)))))
(concatenate 'string
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*) (print-arg arg))
" - "
(gdl-clean-doc doc)))))))
;; If parent is a THE form, get the arglist of functional message named by operator.
(defun message-arglist (operator env the-form)
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