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fixed arc documentation, added 1580-frozen archive for gwl

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......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ angles are measured anti-clockwise."
("3D Vector. Returns the tangent to the arc at the given point (which should be on the arc).
:arguments (point \"3D point. The point at which you want the tangent.\""
:arguments (point \"3D point. The point at which you want the tangent.\")"
(let ((top (the (face-normal-vector :top)))
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
(view-toggle nil :settable)
(pdf-url (let ((url
......@@ -745,115 +745,18 @@ to call the :write-embedded-x3d-world function."))
((:x3d :id "the_element"
:width (the view-object page-width)
:height (the view-object page-length))
(with-format (x3d *stream*) (write-the view-object cad-output))
((:script :type "text/javascript"
:src "/static/3rdpty/x3dom/x3dom.js" :id "xdom_script"))
(with-format (x3d *stream*) (write-the view-object cad-output)))
((:script :type "text/javascript"
:src "/static/3rdpty/x3dom/x3dom.js" :id "xdom_script")))))
(:tr (:td ((:span :style "color: blue; cursor: pointer;"
:onclick "document.getElementById('the_element').runtime.showAll();")
"Show All")
var $element;
var debug = false;
var pick_mode_info;
var nav_mode_info;
var ab_info;
function init() {
$element = document.getElementById('the_element');
function updateNavInfo() {
nav_mode_info = document.getElementById('nav_mode_info');
nav_mode_info.innerHTML = $element.runtime.navigationType();
function updateAbInfo(typeName) {
var bindable = $element.runtime.getActiveBindable(typeName);
ab_info = document.getElementById('ab_info');
ab_info.innerHTML = bindable.tagName + \" / \" + bindable.getAttribute('description');
function toggleStats(link) {
stats = $element.runtime.statistics();
if (stats) {
link.innerHTML = 'Show statistics';
} else {
link.innerHTML = 'Hide statistics';
function toggleDebug(link) {
if (debug) {
link.innerHTML = 'Show debug';
} else {
link.innerHTML = 'Hide debug';
debug = !debug
"Show All")))))))))
("Void. Writes an embedded X3D tag and included content for the <tt>view-object</tt> child of this object.
The <tt>view-object</tt> child should exist and be of type <tt>web-drawing</tt>."
(&key (include-view-controls? nil))
(declare (ignore include-view-controls?))
(the (restore-slot-default! :js-to-eval))
(when (typep (the :view-object) 'null-part)
(error "A valid :view-object of type web-drawing is required in the sheet
to call the :write-embedded-x3d-world function."))
(cond ((and (null (the :view-object :object-roots))
(null (the :view-object :objects)))
(html-stream *stream*
((:table :cellspacing 0 :cellpadding 0 :bgcolor :white)
((:td :width (the :view-object :width) :height
(the :view-object :height) :align :center :valign :center)
(:big (:b "No Graphics Object Specified")))))))
(with-cl-who ()
((:table :cellspacing 0 :cellpadding 0)
((:x3d :width (the view-object page-width)
:height (the view-object page-length))
(:scene (:shape (:appearance ((:material :diffuseColor "red")))
((:script :type "text/javascript" :src "" :id "xdom_script"))
("Void. Writes an OBJECT tag and publishes an X3D world for the <tt>view-object</tt> child of this object.
The <tt>view-object</tt> child should exist and be of type <tt>web-drawing</tt>."
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