Commit 2a69ccc3 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias
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Remove duplicate definitions (cut & paste errors)

parent fdbbcebb
......@@ -1798,10 +1798,6 @@ else eliminate any function messages with required keywords, and
(when (arglist-available-p arglist)
(values message-form arglist))))))
(defun plist-tail (plist)
(loop for last = plist then next for next = (cddr last)
when (null next) return last))
(defun find-subform-with-arglist (form)
"Returns four values:
......@@ -2351,9 +2347,6 @@ datum for subsequent logics to rely on."
;; 9.2. Messages which we can deduce from the current form.
(defparameter +define-object-sections+
'(:input-slots :computed-slots :objects :hidden-objects :functions :methods))
(defun current-section-in-object-defn (defn)
(destructuring-bind (classname &optional mixins &rest keys) (cdr defn)
(declare (ignore classname mixins))
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