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updated training slides, fixed C-c C-c SLIME issue

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......@@ -34,11 +34,21 @@
(:h3 "Lecture and Tutorial Videos")
((:div :class "profile")
((:div :class "people")
(:h4 "G102: GenDL Quickstart")
(:p "Note: Slides are available " ((:a :href "" :target "g102-slides") "here") ", "
(:h4 "G102: GenDL Quickstart (customized for TU Delft ADM Course)")
(:p "Slides are available " ((:a :href "" :target "g102-slides") "here") ", "
"Sample code " ((:a :href ""
:target "gendl-code") "here")
". The exercise solutions will be provided later, after you have had a chance to try them yourself.")
(:h4 "G102: GenDL Quickstart (old slides)")
(:p "Slides are available " ((:a :href "" :target "g102-slides") "here") ", "
"Exercise skeletons " ((:a :href "" :target "gendl-code") "here") ", and "
"Sample code from the slides " ((:a :href "" :target "gendl-code") "here") ".")
(:h4 "Lecture Vidoes for Some of the Slides")
(:p "You can play all the G102 videos, one after another, using this "
((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos") "playlist") ".")
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
(setq font-lock-verbose nil)
......@@ -186,6 +187,8 @@
(defun glime () (interactive) (slime))
(defun remove-dos-eol ()
"Do not show ^M in files containing mixed UNIX and DOS line endings."
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
(define-object assembly (slide-show-node)
((title "G102 Supplement: GenDL Quickstart for TU Delft")
((title "G102: GenDL Quickstart (customized for TU Delft)")
(slide-package (find-package :training-g102-tud))
(image-base-url "/g102-tud/images/")
(images-path *images-path*)
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
((introduction :type 'introduction)
(objects :type 'objects)
......@@ -45,15 +45,197 @@
(define-object introduction (slide-show-leaf)
((strings-for-display "Introduction")
(slide-data `((:title "Goals" :bullet-points
((:description "Spark an interest in the Generative KBE approach for solving Engineering and other problems")
(:description "Provide Theoretical Knowledge combined with Hands-on Experience")
(:description "Help you develop the Judgement to know when Generative KBE will be Appropriate for a given problem")))
(:title "Topics Covered in G102" :bullet-points
((:description ,(with-cl-who-string
"Objects in GenDL and the " ((:span :class "gdl-operator") "define-object") " operator"
(:ul (:li "Debugging (basic)")
(:li "Inspection & Visualization (tasty)"))))
(:description ,(with-output-to-string (ss)
"Geometry and Coordinate Systems"
(:ul (:li "Points")
(:li "Curves")
(:li "Surfaces")
(:li "Solids")))))
(:description "Custom User Interfaces (optional)")
(:description "Interacting with the Outside World")
(:description "Debugging and Performance (detailed)")))
(:title "What is Common Lisp?" :bullet-points
((:description ,(with-htm "A " ((:a :href "" :target "supplemental")
" for a "
((:a :href ""
:target "supplemental")
", Object-oriented Language and Runtime environment"))
(:description "Industry-standard dialect of the Lisp language family")
(:description "Available in several Commercial and Open-Source implementations")
(:description "A cross-platform server solution for web application deployment")))
(:title "What is GenDL?" :bullet-points
((:description "A Declarative language environment embedded in Common Lisp")
(:description "A technology which allows any type of engineer to define
problems and their solutions using an intuitive, straightforward structure")
(:description ,(with-htm "A cross-platform "
((:a :href "")
"web application framework")
" seamlessly embedded in the core language."))))
(:title "A Path of Discovery: GenDL as a Learning Tool"
((:description "Humans learn best through Action and Discovery")
(:description "Applies to learning GenDL itself")
(:description "Applies to learning about your own engineering domain")))))))
(define-object objects (slide-show-leaf)
((strings-for-display "Aero Object Examples")
((strings-for-display "Functions and Objects")
`((:title "Empty Surface Mixin"
"A machine which accepts some Input then yields a defined Output"
:image-url "function-machine.jpg"
:image-caption "A Function Machine <small><i>(image from</i></small>")
"Calling Functions in Common Lisp"
((:description "Function Call is expressed as a List
expression (a.k.a. \"Symbolic EXPression\" or \"S-exp\")")
(:description "Function name first, then arguments, separated by spaces")
(:description ,(with-htm "For example, we feed "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "2")
" and "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "2")
" into the function "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "+")
" to yield the result which is "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "4"))
(+ 2 2)
:return-value 4)))
,(with-htm "The multiply function ("
((:span :class :lisp-code) "*")
" applied to "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "3")
" and "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "3"))
(* 3 3)
:return-value 9)))
,(with-htm "The "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "string-append")
" function applied to three strings")
(string-append "hey" " " "now")
:return-value "hey now")))))
"Defining and Using Custom Functions in Common Lisp"
,(with-htm "Use the operator "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "defun")
", followed by name, argument list, and body.")
(defun square (number) (* number number))
:return-value square)))
"Now you can call it just like any other function"
(square 3)
:return-value 9)))))
(:title "Function as Object"
((:table :border 1)
(:tr ((:th :width 0.5) :br)
((:th :width 0.5 )
"Function (Common Lisp)")
((:th :width 0.5 )
"Object (GenDL)"))
(:td (:b "Typical Purpose"))
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :aquamarine :format :hex)
:colspan 2 :align :center)
(:li "Accept some "
(:i "inputs"))
(:li "possibly performs some "
(:i "side-effects"))
(:li "compute one or more "
(:i "outputs")))))
(:td (:b "How to Use"))
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :thistle :format :hex))
"You call it by name, by evaluating a Lisp expression")
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :aquamarine :format :hex))
(:ol (:li "You create or retrieve an " (:i "object"))
(:li "You send " (:i "messages")
" to the object to get the outputs"))))
(:td (:b "How to Define"))
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :thistle :format :hex))
(:b ((:span :class :lisp-code) "(defun " (:i "name (arguments) body)")))))
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :aquamarine :format :hex))
(:pre (:b ((:span :class :gdl-object-def)
((:span :class :gdl-operator) "(define-object ")
((:span :class :gdl-object-def) (:i "name "))
(:i "(mixins) " :br
"&nbsp;&nbsp;" ((:span :class :lisp-code) "specifications)"))))))))
(:td (:b "How to Decompose Complexity"))
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :thistle :format :hex))
"Call other function definitions from within a function definition")
((:td :bgcolor (lookup-color :aquamarine :format :hex))
(:ol (:li "<i>Inherit</i> <i>slots</i> from other definitions using <i>mixins</i>")
(:li "Include <i>objects</i> of other types inside an object"))))))
:suppress-end-dot? t)))
(:title "Empty Surface Mixin"
((:description "Define an Empty Surface - will use real built-in surface later"
((:description "Define an Empty Surface (we will use real built-in surface later)"
((:define-object gdl-user::empty-surface)))
......@@ -70,6 +252,7 @@
(:title "Basic Wing Skeleton"
((:description "Define a wing with initial slots, mixes in empty surface to start with"
:image-url "uml-2-5.png"
((:define-object gdl-user::wing)))
(:description ,(with-htm
......@@ -211,7 +394,37 @@
". Press \"Raw\" for raw downloadable form."))))))
(:title ,(with-htm "Providing Values for " ((:span :class "gdl-section-keyword") ":input-slots")
" when an Instance is Born")
:bullet-points ((:description ,(with-htm ((:span :class :lisp-code) "make-object")
" and "
((:span :class :lisp-code) "make-self")
" accept "
(:i "optional keyword arguments")
" corresponding to the input-slots of the object type being created."))
(:description ,(with-htm "What are Keyword Arguments?"
(:ul (:li "Keyword symbols are symbols (i.e. Lisp words) preceded by a colon (:)")
(:li "Keyword Arguments are keyword-value pairs")
(:li "They consist of a keyword symbol (the name) followed by the actual argument value.")
(:li "Example: "
((:span :class "lisp-code") ":b 12")
" is a keyword-value pair."))))
(:description ,(with-htm "Let's make a " ((:span :class "lisp-code") "wing-with-input")
" with a value of " ((:span :class "lisp-code") "12")
" for its input-slot " ((:span :class "gdl-message-name") "b"))
:examples ((:code (make-self 'wing-with-input :b 12)
:return-value ";; self is now set to a wing-with-input object instance.")
(:code (the b)
:return-value 12)
(:code (the S)
:return-value 54)
(:code (the A)
:return-value 8/3)))
(:description "Later you will see that input values are passed into Child Objects in the same manner.")))
(:title ,(with-htm ((:span :class "gdl-section-keyword") ":input-slots"))
((:description ,(with-htm
......@@ -220,17 +433,17 @@
((:span :class "gdl-message-name") "a")
((:span :class "gdl-comment") " ;; Required input - no default value")
((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
"&nbsp;&nbsp;" ((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
((:span :class "gdl-message-name") "b")
((:span :class "lisp-code") ")")
((:span :class "gdl-comment") " ;; optional - default is nil")
((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
"&nbsp;&nbsp;" ((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
((:span :class "gdl-message-name") "c 10")
((:span :class "lisp-code") ")")
((:span :class "gdl-comment") " ;; optional - default is 10")
((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
"&nbsp;&nbsp;" ((:span :class "lisp-code") "(")
((:span :class "gdl-message-name") "d 20 :settable")
((:span :class "lisp-code") "))")
((:span :class "gdl-comment") " ;; optional - default is 20, can be \"bashed\"")))))
......@@ -280,10 +493,8 @@
((:define-object gdl-user::fuselage)))
(:description ,(with-htm (:small
"Solutions code is "
((:a :href "")
". Press \"Raw\" for raw downloadable form.")))))
"Solutions code will be available later.")))))
(:title "Child Object in a Sequence"
......@@ -364,15 +575,19 @@
(list :w 2 :l 2.5 :h 0.2 )
(list :w 1.5 :l 2 :h 0.15)))))))
(:title "Solution, Part 1"
:bullet-points ((:description "First, our fuel tank definition:"
:image-url "uml-sol2.png"a
((:define-object gdl-user::fuel-tank)))))
:bullet-points ((:description "First, our fuel tank definition (code will be provided later):"
:image-url "uml-sol2.png"
((:define-object gdl-user::fuel-tank))
(:title "Solution, Part 2"
:bullet-points ((:description "Then, our wing definition:"
:bullet-points ((:description "Then, our wing definition (code will be provided later):"
:image-url "uml-sol2-contd.png"
((:define-object gdl-user::wing-with-tanks)))
(:description "Yes, there is a shorter way to do the inputs for the fuel-tank object (but do it the long way for now).")))
......@@ -420,9 +635,10 @@
(:title "Solution"
((:description "Note that this could also mix-in the original aircraft, and avoid the repeated code"
((:description "Note that this could also mix-in the original aircraft, and avoid the repeated code (code will be provided later)."
:image-url "uml-2-17.png"
:examples ((:define-object gdl-user::aircraft-with-lift)))))
;;:examples ((:define-object gdl-user::aircraft-with-lift))
(:title "Today's Cumulative UML object Tree"
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