Commit 32fab0a0 authored by Teodor Gelu Chiciudean's avatar Teodor Gelu Chiciudean
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New updates on the unified documentation

parent eaae032a
......@@ -402,11 +402,12 @@
(if (the image?)
(if (getf (nth n (the part-documentation-plist)) :examples)
(format out "@center @image{~aimage/~a,,4.2in}~%~%" (the pdf-files directory)
(format out "@center @image{~aimage/~a,,2.8in}~%~%" (the pdf-files directory)
(getf (nth n (the part-documentation-plist)) :classr))
"" )
(format out "~%~% @b{Example image is not generated!}~%~%"))
;;(format out "~%~% @b{Example image is not generated!}~%~%")
(format out "~%~%~%~%"))
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ makes sense for viewing it."
:projection-vector (getf *standard-views* :trimetric)
:object-roots (list (the surf)))
(surf :type 'surf::test-b-spline-surface
(surf :type 'cylinder-sample
:hidden? t)))
(generate-sample-drawing :objects (make-object 'base-drawing-sample))
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