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Crinkles 2013-05-23 ##1,2,5,6

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......@@ -54,24 +54,19 @@
#+#:nil (asdf:initialize-source-registry `(:source-registry (:tree ,gendl :inherit-configuration)))
;; 3. Load gendl plus dependencies.
;; 3. Load gendl plus dependencies (including glime).
(funcall (find-symbol (string 'quickload) :ql) :gendl)
;; 4. Load the slime integration. Ideally this should be done
;; (conditionally) by the quickload above.
(load (compile-file (merge-pathnames "emacs/glime.lisp" gendl)))
;; 4a. This is a workaround for
;; 3a. This is a workaround for
;; "#+lispworks Gray slime-output-stream doesn't handle non base-chars"
(setf (slot-value *standard-output* 'swank-backend::buffer)
(coerce (slot-value *standard-output* 'swank-backend::buffer)
(let ((swank-backend-buffer (find-symbol "BUFFER" "SWANK-BACKEND")))
(setf (slot-value *standard-output* swank-backend-buffer)
(coerce (slot-value *standard-output* swank-backend-buffer)
;; 5. Start gendl.
;; 4. Start gendl.
(let ((starter (find-symbol (string 'start-gendl!) :gendl)))
(funcall starter)))
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