Commit 343f3790 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias

Include GDL class documentation in m-x slime-documentation

parent 529a4e6f
......@@ -2383,4 +2383,102 @@ a security hole but is mighty convenient.")
(and object (class-of object)))))
;; doc
(defvar *symbol-documentation-types* '((variable . "Variable")
(function . "Function")
(compiler-macro . "Compiler Macro")
(method-combination "Method Combination")
(setf . "Setf Function")
(type . "Type")
(structure . "Structure")
(gdl-class . "GDL Class")))
(defmethod slime-documentation ((sym symbol) type)
(documentation sym type))
(defmethod slime-documentation ((sym symbol) (type (eql 'function)))
(let ((arglist (arglist sym))
(fdoc (documentation sym type)))
(when (or fdoc (arglist-available-p arglist))
(with-output-to-string (string)
(when (arglist-available-p arglist)
(format string " Arglist: ~a" arglist))
(when fdoc
(format string "~& ~a" fdoc))))))
(defun gdl-clean-doc (string)
;; GDL doc is html. For now, we just interpret the most problematic cases.
;; Also, it seems to contain embedded returns, ignore those TODO: verify how it looks on windows..
(let ((len (length string))
(indentation " "))
(when (> len 0)
(if (and (> len 11)
(string-equal string "<pre>" :end1 5)
(string-equal string "</pre>" :start1 (- len 6)))
;; Indent everything by one space, and delete #\return's.
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop for i from 5 below (- len 6) as ch = (aref string i)
do (unless (eql ch #\Return)
(write-char ch s)
(when (eql ch #\Newline) (write-string indentation s)))))
;; If not <pre>, just make it be one long line, let emacs manage it. Except that treat totally
;; blank lines as paragraph separators, and indent each para.
(if (find #\Newline string)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop with (on-blank-line last-line-blank last-space) = '(t t nil)
for ch across string
do (cond ((eql ch #\Newline)
(cond (on-blank-line
(unless last-line-blank (write-char #\newline s))
(write-char ch s))
(t (unless last-space (write-char #\space s))))
(setq last-line-blank on-blank-line)
(setq on-blank-line t))
((eql ch #\Space)
(unless on-blank-line
(unless last-space (write-char ch s))
(setq last-space t)))
(unless (eq ch #\Return)
(when (and on-blank-line last-line-blank)
(write-string indentation s))
(write-char ch s)
(setq on-blank-line nil last-space nil))))))
(defmethod slime-documentation ((sym symbol) (type (eql 'gdl-class)))
(when-let (prototype (gendl-class-prototype sym))
(when-let (doc (gendl:the-object prototype documentation))
(let* ((description (gdl-clean-doc (getf doc :description)))
(examples (gdl-clean-doc (getf doc :examples))))
(when (or description examples)
(with-output-to-string (string)
(when description
(format string " ~a~%" description))
(when (and description examples)
(terpri string))
(when examples
(format string " Examples:~%~a" examples))))))))
;; m-x slime-documentation
(defslimefun documentation-symbol (symbol-name)
(with-buffer-syntax ()
(multiple-value-bind (sym foundp) (parse-symbol symbol-name)
(if foundp
(with-output-to-string (string)
(format string "Documentation for the symbol ~a:~2%" sym)
(loop with found = nil
for (type . prompt) in *symbol-documentation-types*
as doc = (slime-documentation sym type)
do (when (> (length doc) 0)
(setq found t)
(format string "~a:~% ~a~2%" prompt doc))
finally (unless found
(format string "Not documented."))))
(format nil "No such symbol, ~a." symbol-name)))))
(provide :glime)
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