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gdlajax working for blank-string newHTML

parent 551ddef9
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
:objects ((assembly :type 'assembly
:input-link-angle-d (or nil ;;(the input-link-angle-d)
:input-link-angle-d (or (the input-link-angle-d)
(if (the dropped-x-y)
(angle-between-vectors-d (the (face-normal-vector :right))
(subtract-vectors (the dropped-x-y)
......@@ -29,12 +29,7 @@
:js-to-eval :parse
:inner-html (with-cl-who-string ()
(str (defaulting (the main-area dropped-x-y)))
(str (the input-link-angle-d))
(str (the (gdl-ajax-call :function-key :set-slot!
:arguments (list :input-link-angle-d (if (the input-link-angle-d)
(1+ (the input-link-angle-d)) 90 ))))))))
(str (the input-link-angle-d))))
(main-area :type 'base-ajax-graphics-sheet
:respondent self
:vector-graphics-onclick? nil
......@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@
((ui-display-list-objects (remove-if
((respondent self)
(ui-display-list-objects (remove-if
#'(lambda (item) (typep item 'base-rule-object))
(the :children)))
(frame-width (the :frame :width))
......@@ -140,6 +142,7 @@
((knuckles :type 'knuckle
:pseudo-inputs (front-vector left-vector top-vector transformation-matrix)
:sequence (:size 2)
:side (ecase (the-child :index) (0 :left) (1 :right))
:top-vector (getf (the (:axles 0) :kingpin-vectors) (the-child :side))
......@@ -211,6 +214,7 @@
:display-controls (list :color :black :line-thickness 2))
(wheels-front :type 'wheel
:sequence (:size 2)
:pseudo-inputs (transformation-matrix)
:center (the (:knuckles (the-child :index)) :spindle-center)
:transformation-matrix (alignment :front
(the (:knuckles (the-child :index))
......@@ -230,6 +234,7 @@
(ecase (the-child :index) (0 :left) (1 :right)))
(ecase (the-child :index) (0 :front) (1 :rear))
(half (the-child :length)))
:pseudo-inputs (transformation-matrix)
:transformation-matrix (alignment :front
(the (:face-normal-vector
......@@ -265,6 +270,7 @@
(:right (the-child :front-vector))))
:spindle-downward-pitch (+ (the :kingpin-inclination-angle) (the :camber-angle))
:pass-down (:tie-rod-arm-length :tie-rod-arm-setting)
:pseudo-inputs (front-vector left-vector top-vector transformation-matrix)
:transformation-matrix (alignment :top (the-child :top-vector) :front
(rotate-vector-d (the-child :front-vector)
(the :toe-in-angle)
......@@ -195,6 +195,9 @@
(when *debug?* (print-messages replace-lists))
(when (the mismatch?)
(warn "the js-to-eval-previous is not the same length as html-section-objects in ~s~%"
(the respondent)))
......@@ -209,12 +212,12 @@
(when (or inner-html js-to-eval?)
(:html-section (:|replaceId| (str dom-id))
(:|newHTML| (if inner-html
(str (wrap-cdata (if (the security-ok?) inner-html
(:|newHTML| (str (if inner-html
(wrap-cdata (if (the security-ok?) inner-html
(with-cl-who-string ()
(:i "Security Error"))))) ""))
(:|jsToEval| (if (and js-to-eval? (the security-ok?))
(str (wrap-cdata js-to-eval)) ""))))))))
(:i "Security Error")))) "")))
(:|jsToEval| (str (if (and js-to-eval? (the security-ok?))
(wrap-cdata js-to-eval) "")))))))))
(the replace-lists) (the js-to-eval-previi)))))))))
......@@ -261,6 +261,7 @@ checkbox-form-control."
(when *debug?*
(format *trace-output* "~&Before:~%")
(print-variables self)
......@@ -273,6 +274,7 @@ checkbox-form-control."
;;:remember? nil
:warn-on-non-toplevel? nil)))
(when *debug?*
(format *trace-output* "~&After:~%")
(print-messages %html-section-root-paths%)))
......@@ -72,6 +72,15 @@ the object hierarchies rooted at the instances, as well as all associated publis
(clear-instance key))) *instance-hash-table*))
(defparameter *instance-finalizer* nil
"CL Function of one argument. The argument is a keyword representing
a GWL Instance ID. This is an application-specific function (either a
symbol naming a function, or a lambda expression) which will be run
after an instance is cleared with the standard clear-instance
function. The default is nil which indicates that no finalizer
function will be run.")
(defun clear-instance (id)
"Void. Clears the specified instance from GWL's master table of root-level instances.
The instance ID is the same number you see in published GWL URIs, and is available
......@@ -89,7 +98,9 @@ the object hierarchy rooted at the instance, as well as all associated published
(when (not (keywordp id)) (setq id (make-keyword id)))
(clear-instance-from-hash id)
(unpublish-instance-urls id))
(unpublish-instance-urls id)
(when *instance-finalizer* (funcall *instance-finalizer* id)))
(defun unpublish-instance-urls (id &optional base-url)
......@@ -163,10 +163,8 @@ function gdlUpdate (request) {
if (child.getElementsByTagName('jsToEval')[0].firstChild != null)
{jsToEval = child.getElementsByTagName('jsToEval')[0].firstChild.nodeValue}
if (myid && newHTML && (newHTML != ''))
if (myid && (newHTML != null))
myelem = document.getElementById(myid);
myelem.innerHTML = newHTML;
......@@ -67,11 +67,17 @@ into a single curve."
("List of GDL NURBS curve objects. The curve segments in the right order for chaining together."
ordered-curves (let ((tail (nreverse (mapcan #'list (list-elements (the straight-curves)) (list-elements (the fillet-curves))))))
(if (< (the fillet-curves number-of-elements) (the straight-curves number-of-elements))
(cons (the straight-curves last) tail) tail))))
(cons (the straight-curves last) tail) tail)))
(fillet-curve-types (mapcar #'(lambda(fillet-index)
(if (typep (the (fillets fillet-index)) 'geom-base::fillet)
'arc-curve 'null-part))
(list-of-numbers 0 (1- (the fillets number-of-elements))))))
(("GDL Sequence of GDL NURBS curve objects. The arc-curves representing the fillets."
fillet-curves :type 'arc-curve
:type (:sequence (the fillet-curve-types))
:sequence (:size (the fillets number-of-elements))
:pseudo-inputs (fillet)
:fillet (the (fillets (the-child :index)))
......@@ -100,10 +106,8 @@ into a single curve."
from a global-filleted-polyline-curves object")
((curves (the ordered-curves))
((curves (remove-if #'(lambda(item) (typep item 'null-part)) (the ordered-curves)))))
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