Commit 44689c43 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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reverted fix for Issue #69 until a more benign fix can be determined.

parent 9336d552
......@@ -790,13 +790,12 @@ toplevel inputs as specified in the snapshot file.
(declare (ignore self message))
(when (and self message)
(unless (eql message 'gdl-acc::%trickle-down-slots%)
(let ((aggregate (gdl-acc::%aggregate% (first notify-cons))))
(when (and (consp aggregate)
(not (consp (gdl-acc::%aggregate% self))))
(let ((num-value (gdl-acc::number-of-elements (first aggregate))))
(when (consp num-value)
(add-notify-cons (list self message) num-value)))))))
(add-notify-cons (list self message) num-value))))))
(let ((second (second value)))
(if (and (listp second) (< (length second) *dep-hash-threshhold*))
(let ((matching-sublist (assoc (first notify-cons) (second value))))
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