Commit 4b349a0a authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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added startup scripts for initial combo of editor and CL -- more combos need to be added

parent 67741648
cd `dirname "$0"`
/Applications/ --no-splash --no-init-file -l devo.el -f slime $@
(load (expand-file-name "~/quicklisp/slime-helper.el"))
(setq inferior-lisp-program "~/bin/lw-console")
;;; cl-pdf copyright 2002-2005 Marc Battyani see license.txt for the details
;;; You can reach me at or
;;; The homepage of cl-pdf is here:
(in-package :pdf)
(defmethod write-object ((obj indirect-object) &optional root-level)
(if root-level
(vector-push-extend (format nil "~10,'0d ~5,'0d n "
;;FLAG -- DJC added conditional for allegro to handle aserve streams
#+allegro (if (typep *pdf-stream* 'excl::hiper-socket-stream)
(progn (force-output *pdf-stream*)
(excl::socket-bytes-written *pdf-stream*))
(file-position *pdf-stream*))
#+lispworks (if (typep *pdf-stream* 'acl-compat.socket::bidirectional-binary-socket-stream)
(progn (force-output *pdf-stream*)
(acl-compat.socket::stream-file-position *pdf-stream*))
(file-position *pdf-stream*))
#-(or allegro lispworks) (file-position *pdf-stream*)
(gen-number obj))
(format *pdf-stream* "~d ~d obj~%" (obj-number obj)(gen-number obj))
(when (content obj)(write-object (content obj)))
(write-string "endobj" *pdf-stream*)
(write-char #\Newline *pdf-stream*))
(format *pdf-stream* "~d ~d R" (obj-number obj)(gen-number obj))))
(defmethod write-document ((s stream) &optional (document *document*))
(let ((*xrefs* (make-array 10 :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))
(*pdf-stream* s))
#+lispworks (if (typep s 'acl-compat.socket::bidirectional-binary-socket-stream)
(setf acl-compat.socket::*socket-bytes-written* 0))
(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(process-outlines document)
(vector-push-extend "0000000000 65535 f " *xrefs*)
(write-line +pdf-header+ *pdf-stream*)
(loop for obj across (objects document)
for first = t then nil
if obj do (write-object obj t)
else do (unless first (vector-push-extend "0000000000 00001 f " *xrefs*)))
;;(setf startxref (file-position s))
(setf startxref #+allegro (if (typep s 'excl::hiper-socket-stream)
(progn (force-output s)
(excl::socket-bytes-written s))
(file-position s))
#+lispworks (if (typep s 'acl-compat.socket::bidirectional-binary-socket-stream)
(progn (force-output s)
(acl-compat.socket::stream-file-position s))
(file-position s))
#-(or allegro lispworks) (file-position s))
(format *pdf-stream* "xref~%0 ~d~%" (length *xrefs*))
(loop for xref across *xrefs*
do (write-line xref s))
(format s "trailer~%<< /Size ~d~%/Root " (length *xrefs*));(1- (length (objects document))))
(write-object (catalog document))
(when (docinfo document)
(format s " /Info ")
(write-object (docinfo document)))
(format s "~%>>~%startxref~%~d~%%%EOF~%" startxref))))
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