Commit 4f755ddc authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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removed unecessary gensyms

parent 883224be
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@
;; add checks for *root-checking-enabled?*
(let ((value (gensym)))
(let ((value '+value+ #+nil (gensym)))
`(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-slots) ((self ,name) &rest ,args-arg)
(let ((,value (,attr-sym self)))
(if (not (eq (first (ensure-list ,value)) 'gdl-rule::%unbound%))
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
(defun input-methods (name attr-sym keys expressions special-keys)
(let ((input (gensym)))
(let ((input '+input+ #+nil(gensym)))
(let ((remove-defunct-expressions
`(dolist (,input (set-difference (getf (child-inputs (find-class ',name)) ',attr-sym) ',keys))
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
(cond ((not (eql ,val-arg 'gdl-rule:%not-handled%)) ,val-arg)
((and ,parent-arg (fboundp ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-trickle-downs)))
(if ;;(member ,(make-keyword attr-sym) (the-object ,parent-arg :%trickle-down-slots%))
(if ;;(member ,(make-key attr-sym) (the-object ,parent-arg :%trickle-down-slots%))
(gethash ,(make-keyword attr-sym) (the-object ,parent-arg :%trickle-down-slots%))
(,(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-slots) ,parent-arg)
(funcall (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-trickle-downs)) ,parent-arg)))
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
:arguments (form \"Reference-chain with the or the-object\"
default \"Lisp expression. Default value to return if reference-chain cannot be handled.\")"
(let ((value (gensym)) (error (gensym)))
(let ((value '+value+ #+nil (gensym)) (error '+error+ #+nil (gensym)))
`(multiple-value-bind (,value ,error) (ignore-errors ,form)
(cond ((and ,error (typep ,error 'error)
(let ((string (glisp:replace-regexp (format nil "~a" ,error)
......@@ -31,9 +31,15 @@
a symbol, this is the name of the slot and there will be no default value.\"
functions \"List of format-function definitions. Each definition is made up of a symbol, an argument-list, and a body.\")"
(let ((old-format-functions (gensym))
(new-format-functions (gensym))
(class (gensym)))
(let (;;(old-format-functions (gensym))
;;(new-format-functions (gensym))
;;(class (gensym))
(old-format-functions '+old-format-functions+)
(new-format-functions '+new-format-functions+)
(class '+class+)
(defclass ,name ,mixin-list
,(mapcar #'(lambda(slot)
......@@ -89,11 +95,18 @@ code in the body may refer to the dynamically bound variable <tt>stream</tt> for
;; FLAG -- include skin in keeping track of function names
(let ((old-output-functions (gensym))
(new-output-functions (gensym))
(format-class (gensym))
(object-class (gensym))
(skin-class (gensym))
(let (;;(old-output-functions (gensym))
;;(new-output-functions (gensym))
;;(format-class (gensym))
;;(object-class (gensym))
;;(skin-class (gensym))
(old-output-functions '+old-output-functions+)
(new-output-functions '+new-output-functions+)
(format-class '+format-class+)
(object-class '+object-class+)
(skin-class '+skin-class+)
(remote? (or (eql (second format-and-object) 'remote-object)
(eql (second format-and-object) 'gdl-remote))))
......@@ -155,7 +168,8 @@ Removing output function: ~a for view of format: ~a on object definition: ~s wit
(body (rest (rest (strip-strings function))))
(has-declare? (and (consp body) (consp (first body))
(eql (first (first body)) 'declare))))
(let ((method (gensym)))
(let (;;(method (gensym))
(method '+method+))
;; FLAG -- do we need this `remove nil' ?
......@@ -158,7 +158,26 @@
,@(when (getf specs :new)
,@(when (getf specs :new)
`((old-message-keys '+old-message-keys+)
(new-message-keys '+new-message-keys+)
(symbol-arg '+symbol-arg+)
(symbols-arg '+symbols-arg+)
(non-settables-arg '+non-settables-arg+)
(ht-arg '+ht-arg+)
(message-arg '+message-arg+)
(depth-arg '+depth-arg+)
(category-arg '+category-arg+)
(message-type-arg '+message-type-arg+)
(base-part-type-arg '+base-part-type-arg+)
(class-arg '+class-arg+)))
(when (getf specs :new)
`((old-message-keys (gensym))
(new-message-keys (gensym))
(symbol-arg (gensym))
......@@ -71,7 +71,9 @@ set of arms contained in the body which is contained in the robot which is conta
(eql (first (first (rest first))) :apply))
(setq apply? t)(second (first (rest first))))
((listp first) (rest first))))
(new-object (gensym)))
;;(new-object (gensym))
(new-object '+new-object+)
`(the-object ,(if *undeclared-parameters-enabled?*
......@@ -133,7 +135,11 @@ view transforms, view scales, etc.
(gdl::with-format (pdf \"/tmp/box.pdf\" :view-transform (getf *standard-views* :trimetric))
(write-the-object (make-instance 'box :length 100 :width 100 :height 100) cad-output))
(let ((flag (gensym)))
(let (;;(flag (gensym))
(flag '+flag+)
`(let ((*%format%* (make-instance ',format ,@args)))
(let ((*stream* (if (or (stringp ,stream-or-file) (pathnamep ,stream-or-file))
(open ,stream-or-file
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ with an optional filter.
:arguments (aggregate \"GDL aggregate object. (e.g. from a <tt>:sequence (:size ..)</tt> <tt>:object</tt> specification).\")
:&optional (expression \"Expression using <tt>the-element</tt>. Similar to a <tt>the-object</tt> reference, which should return a list.\")"
(unless expression (error "append-elements requires an expression keyword argument, using the-element.~%"))
(let ((result (gensym)) (value (gensym)))
(let ((result '+result+ #+nil (gensym)) (value '+value+ #+nil (gensym)))
`(let ((,result nil))
(dolist (%object% (the-object ,aggregate :list-elements))
(let ((,value (copy-list ,expression)))
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ A warning is given if an error condition occurs with <b>body</b>.
(declare (ignore timeout-body))
(if error? `(progn ,@body)
(let ((values (gensym)) (error (gensym)))
(let ((values '+values+ #+nil (gensym)) (error '+error+ #+nil (gensym)))
(let ((code `(let* ((,values (multiple-value-list (ignore-errors ,@body)))
(,error (second ,values)))
......@@ -142,11 +142,18 @@ values are a color indicator for the default foreground and background of graphi
(defparameter *%format%* nil)
(defvar args-arg (gensym))
(defvar parent-arg (gensym))
(defvar part-arg (gensym))
(defvar val-arg (gensym))
(defvar self-arg (gensym))
;;(defvar args-arg (gensym))
;;(defvar parent-arg (gensym))
;;(defvar part-arg (gensym))
;;(defvar val-arg (gensym))
;;(defvar self-arg (gensym))
(defvar args-arg '+args-arg+)
(defvar parent-arg '+parent-arg+)
(defvar part-arg '+part-arg+)
(defvar val-arg '+val-arg+)
(defvar self-arg '+self-arg+)
(defparameter *error-on-not-handled?* t)
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ You have a dependency on caffeine. Your children are your dependants.
(let ((value (gensym)) (need? (gensym)))
(let ((value '+value+ #+nil(gensym)) (need? '+need?+ #+nil (gensym)))
(defmacro with-dependency-tracking ((message-symbol &optional (self-sym 'self)) &rest body)
`(let ((,value (,message-symbol ,self-sym))
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