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try to smooth out fresh bootstrap

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Clean startup on Ubuntu Linux (replace apt-get with the package manager
on your local Linux):
on your local Linux or MacOS):
$ == Linux shell prompt
* == Common Lisp shell prompt
......@@ -26,11 +26,12 @@ $ sbcl --load cl/quicklisp.lisp
$ emacs
M-x slime
* (load "~/quicklisp/setup")
* (load "~/Genworks-GDL/ql-register-local-project")
* (pushnew (make-pathname :name nil :type nil
:defaults "~/Genworks-GDL/")
* (ql:register-local-projects)
* (ql:quickload :gdl-all)
* (ql:quickload :gdl-surf) ;; optional -- provides VRML and X3DOM output - under development!
# [In web browser: visit: http://localhost:9000/tasty]
# [In field for package::class, enter robot:assembly]
# [click pencil icon next to Robot (shows up on mouseover]
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