Commit 5708d79c authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

updated name of our custom js file

parent 4c93d36b
......@@ -338,8 +338,8 @@ required in the sheet to call the :raphael-canvas method."))
(htm ((:div :id (the raphael-canvas-id)
(format nil "cursor: ~a;
height: ~apx;
width: ~apx;
/* height: ~apx;
width: ~apx; */
clip: rect(0px ~apx ~apx 0px);
position: relative;
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ from a saved snapshot file."
((:script :type "text/javascript"
:src "/static/gwl/js/gdlajax1590.js"))
:src "/static/gwl/js/gdlajax1593.js"))
((:script :type "text/javascript")
(fmt "~%var gdliid = '~a';" (the instance-id)))
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