Commit 6d31b7d7 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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added fill color

parent b0df745f
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@
(the follower-link-angle))))
(coupler-link :type 'coupler-link
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 2 :color :blue)
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 2 :color :blue :fill-color :blue)
:pass-down (coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:start (the (grounded-links 0) end)
:end (the (grounded-links 1) end)))
......@@ -205,13 +205,40 @@
(nreverse data)))))
(define-object coupler-link (line)
(define-object coupler-link (global-polyline)
:input-slots (start end coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:computed-slots ((datum (the edge-1 end))
(direction-vector (subtract-vectors (the end) (the start)))
(vertex-list (list (the start) (the end) (the edge-1 end))))
((baseline :type 'line
:pass-down (start end))
(edge-1 :type 'line
:pass-down (start)
:end (rotate-point (translate-along-vector (the start)
(the direction-vector)
(the coupler-length-1))
(the start)
(the (face-normal-vector :top))
:angle (the coupler-angle-1)))
(edge-2 :type 'line
:start (the edge-1 end)
:pass-down (end))))
(define-object coupler-link (line outline-specialization-mixin)
:input-slots (coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:computed-slots ((datum (the edge-1 end)))
((baseline :type 'line
:pass-down (start end))
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