Commit 77c82aa5 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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do init specifically for runtime application-class

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......@@ -471,13 +471,18 @@
(defclass gendl:gendl-development-system
(ccl::lisp-development-system) ())
(defclass gendl:gendl-runtime-system
(gendl:gendl-development-system) ()))
(ccl::lisp-development-system) ()))
(defmethod ccl:toplevel-function :before ((a gendl:gendl-development-system) init-file)
(declare (ignore init-file))
(gendl::initialize :startup-banner? t))
(defmethod ccl:toplevel-function :before ((a gendl:gendl-runtime-system) init-file)
(declare (ignore init-file))
(gendl::initialize :startup-banner? t))
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