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......@@ -135,6 +135,41 @@ orientation, and the first Exercise.")
" NURBS Surfaces"))))))
(:h3 "4. Primi Plane")
((:div :class "profile")
((:div :class "people")
(:li "No Slides for This Section")
(:li ((:a :href ""
:target "gendl-code") "Example Code (see \"primi-plane...\" files)"))
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "g102-slides")
"Video Playlist (29:21)")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 13 (4:57)")
" Primi Plane Part 1, orientation with a left-handed coordinate system, variable binding with let and let*, conditional with ecase.")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 14 (4:55)")
" Primi Plane Part 2, Reading the input data from a data file")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 15 (4:59)")
" Primi Plane Part 3, Passing the data into a data object using the :parameters input, testing that the data from the file is making it into our model and can be changed without editing or recompiling source code")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 16 (5:00)")
" Primi Plane Part 4, Reading airfoil profile points from a data file")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 17 (5:01)")
" Primi Plane Part 5, Assembling x y points data into 3D points")
(:li ((:a :href "" :target "gdl-videos")
"G102-TUD Seminar Part 18 (4:28)")
" Primi Plane Part 6, Finally instantiating and probing the fitted-curve object from the list of 3D points.")
(:h3 "Manuals and Tutorials")
((:div :class "profile")
((:div :class "people")
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