Commit 82706f1a authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias
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Include functions with no required args as non-function messages

parent 854b5f17
......@@ -629,6 +629,9 @@ defined by this form."
(defparameter *messages-to-suppress-when-not-sequence-member*
(list :first? :index :last? :next :previous))
(defun gendl-source (class slot-sym)
(cadr (gendl:the-object (gendl-class-prototype class) (slot-source (glisp:intern slot-sym :keyword)))))
(defun messages-from-classes (this-the form)
"Use message-list to find out what the messages might be."
(unless (eq (this-the-functionp this-the) :evaluate)
......@@ -703,9 +706,7 @@ defined by this form."
(consp reference) ; function call
(eq reference '%cursor-marker%))
(let* ((prototype (gendl-class-prototype class))
(slot-source (gendl:the-object prototype (slot-source (glisp:intern reference :keyword)))))
(object-slot-form-class (cadr slot-source)))))
(object-slot-form-class (gendl-source class reference))))
;; [gendl] make your own defparameter for now, but flag it that it
;; might be redundant with something we already have defined
......@@ -749,12 +750,14 @@ in one of the *internal-packages*), otherwise filter for non-nil message-remarks
:message-type :local))))
;; Preserve order
(loop for message in all-messages
for functions-found = (and functions
(not (null (find message functions))))
when (if (and sequences
(find message sequences))
(this-the-quantifiedp this-the)
(eq functions-found functionp))
(if functionp
(find message functions)
(or (not (find message functions))
;; include functions with no required args
(not (required-args-p (car (gendl-source class message)))))))
collect message)))))
(defun filter-sequence-messages (this-the messages)
......@@ -849,6 +852,14 @@ in one of the *internal-packages*), otherwise filter for non-nil message-remarks
(defun required-args-p (lambda-list)
(loop while lambda-list
for arg = (pop lambda-list)
do (if (memq arg '(&whole &environment))
(pop lambda-list) ;; ignore
(return (not (or (memq arg lambda-list-keywords)
(and (symbolp arg) (string= (symbol-name arg) (string '#:&any)))))))))
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