Commit 83cde1c7 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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removed conditional on trickle-down-slots gdl-basis definitions for gdl-slots

parent ec8554f9
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@
#+allegro excl:*redefinition-warnings*
#+lispworks lw:*redefinition-action*))
#+(or allegro lispworks) (declare (ignore original-redefinition-warnings))
(defun begin-redefinitions-ok ()
#+sbcl (declare (sb-ext:muffle-conditions sb-ext:compiler-note))
#+(or allegro lispworks)
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
#+(or allegro lispworks)
(setq #+allegro excl:*redefinition-warnings*
#+lispworks lw:*redefinition-action*
nil #+nil original-redefinition-warnings)))
#-(or allegro lispworks cmu sbcl ccl abcl ecl)
......@@ -125,21 +125,28 @@
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(unless (fboundp ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-trickle-downs))
(defgeneric ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-trickle-downs) (self &rest args))))
(defgeneric ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-trickle-downs) (,self-arg &rest ,args-arg)))
(unless (fboundp ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots))
(defgeneric ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) (,self-arg &rest ,args-arg))))
`(unless (find-method (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-trickle-downs))
nil (list (find-class 'gdl-basis)) nil)
(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-trickle-downs) ((,self-arg gdl-basis) &rest ,args-arg)
(trickle-down-basis ,self-arg ',slot ,args-arg)))
;; FLAG -- (eval-when (:c- :l- :e) ...) for defgenerics for _all_ messages in header, then remove fboundp from conditional here.
;; FLAG -- we need to redefine the standard gdl-basis method here for trickle-down-slots,
;; figure out how to do it without the crude off/on of redefinition warnings.
;; FLAG -- maybe don't remove, could have a trickle-down which is not otherwise declared as a message.
`(unless nil #+nil (and (fboundp ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots))
(find-method (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots))
nil (list (find-class 'gdl-basis)) nil))
(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ((,self-arg gdl-basis) &rest ,args-arg)
(chase-up-trickle-down ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ,self-arg ,args-arg)))
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) (glisp:begin-redefinitions-ok))
`(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ((,self-arg gdl-basis) &rest ,args-arg)
(chase-up-trickle-down ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ,self-arg ,args-arg))
`(unless (find-method (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots))
nil (list (find-class 'gdl-basis)) nil)
(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ((,self-arg gdl-basis) &rest ,args-arg)
(chase-up-trickle-down ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name slot) :gdl-slots) ,self-arg ,args-arg)))
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) (glisp:end-redefinitions-ok))
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