Commit 8729d872 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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Issue 69.

parent b297a7fe
......@@ -778,7 +778,7 @@ toplevel inputs as specified in the snapshot file.
(defun add-notify-cons (notify-cons value &optional self message)
(when nil ;;(and self message)
(when (and self message)
(let ((aggregate (gdl-acc::%aggregate% (first notify-cons))))
(when (and (consp aggregate)
(not (consp (gdl-acc::%aggregate% self))))
(in-package :gdl-user)
(define-object manifold-sample (base-object)
((box :type 'box-solid
:width 2 :length 2 :height 2)
(merged :type 'merged-solid :other-brep (the box :face-breps :list-elements))
(merged2 :type 'merged-solid :other-brep (the box :face-breps :list-elements) :make-manifold? t)))
\ No newline at end of file
(in-package :gdl-user)
(define-object issue-67 (base-object)
((box :type 'box-solid
:width 2 :length 2 :height 2)
(clean-surfaces :type 'surface
:sequence (:size 6)
:built-from (the box (faces (the-child index)) basis-surface))
(stitched :type 'stitched-solid :faces-in (list-elements (the clean-surfaces)))
(stitched-alternative :type 'stitched-solid :faces-in (list-elements (the box :faces) (the-element basis-surface)))
(stitched-manifold :type 'manifold-solid :brep (the stitched))))
(in-package :gdl-user)
;; Submitted by Hermen de Jong of KE-works
(define-object huge-boxes-sequence (base-object)
((number-of-boxes 100 :settable))
((wall-width (floor (sqrt (the number-of-boxes)))))
((boxes :type 'box
:sequence (:size (the number-of-boxes))
:height 10
:width 20
:length 30
:display-controls (list :color :red :transparency .5)
:center (translate (make-point 0 0 0)
:right (* (rem (the-child index)
(the wall-width))
(the-child width))
:top (* (floor (the-child index)
(the wall-width))
(the-child height))))))
\ No newline at end of file
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