Commit 9472b1d7 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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fixed spurious commented out section in computed-slots.lisp

parent eedbc4fd
;;;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
(asdf:defsystem #:ta2 :description
"The Gendl™ (legacy) Testing and Tracking Utility, version 2 (using Ajax but pre-gdlAjax, and no JQuery or CSS)"
:author "Dave Cooper" :license
"Affero Gnu Public License (" :serial t
:version "20160211" :depends-on (:gwl-graphics)
#-asdf-unicode :defsystem-depends-on #-asdf-unicode (:asdf-encodings)
#+asdf-encodings :encoding #+asdf-encodings :utf-8
((:file "source/package") (:file "source/parameters")
(:file "source/javascript") (:file "source/action-object")
(:file "source/ajax") (:file "source/assembly")
(:file "source/click-mode") (:file "source/inspector")
(:file "source/object-tree") (:file "source/part-type-form")
(:file "source/publish") (:file "source/viewport")))
......@@ -91,10 +91,7 @@
;; FLAG unwind the changes here and hunt down where the actual lookup-parameters is coming from
`(unless nil #+nil (find-method (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-slots))
`(unless (find-method (symbol-function ',(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-slots))
nil (list (find-class 'gdl-basis)) nil)
(defmethod ,(glisp:intern (symbol-name attr-sym) :gdl-slots) ((,self-arg gdl-basis) &rest ,args-arg)
;;(declare (ignore ,args-arg))
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