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;; Copyright 2002-2011 Genworks International and Genworks BV
;; This software is part of the General-purpose Declarative
;; Language project (GDL).
;; This software is free software: you can redistribute it
;; and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public
;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either
;; version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This source file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; Affero General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public
;; License along with this source file. If not, see
;; <>.
Welcome to the General-purpose Declarative Language Open-Source Distribution.
To load the entire system, you can do it from scratch with
(load ".../load.lisp")
We are working on making GDL to bootstrap with pure Quicklisp/asdf.
If you want to load individual modules, you can do so using quicklisp
or asdf.
To help in understanding the role of each module, the overall GDL
source architecture is described below.
GDL source code Architecture:
GDL is separated into layered components, some of which depend on
others. Some components also depend on third-party external libraries,
which are currently handled with the Quicklisp system with some local
modifications pending merging into the Quicklisp dists.
At the core "kernel" is the :gdl package, implemented with files in
the folder gdl/base/. This includes the compiler/expanders for
"define-object" and related macros as well as core primitives such as
Including gdl-base, there are approximately 12 modules supported with
GDL. One is proprietary and closed-source, the others are open-source
under AGPL.
:gdl-base - GDL language kernel.
depends-on: :asdf (and normally we use Quicklisp to bootstrap asdf).
:cl-lite - GDL system definitions and loading facility. Supplements our use of asdf.
depends-on: :gdl-base, :glisp+
:translators - Partially translate other KBE syntax such as PCPACK,
ICAD to and/or from GDL.
:depends-on: :gdl-base, :glisp+
:lift-utilities - regression test utilities.
:depends-on: :gdl-base, :lift, :glisp+
:geom-base - Built-in GDL wireframe primtives and basic geometry/vector manipulation functions.
depends-on: :gdl-base, :glisp+
:geom-base text-block and document primitives --
depends on: :geom-base, cl-typesetting, :glisp+.
:gwl - Generative Web Language, represent web pages using GDL
objects, includes Ajax interaction with your model.
depends-on: Native or Portable AllegroServe (aserve or paserve),
:cl-who, :glisp+.
:gwl-graphics - include graphics rendered from geometry object in GWL web pages.
depends-on: :gwl, :geom-base, :glisp+.
:surf - surface primitives without underlying geometry kernel middleware or implementation.
depends-on: :geom-base, :glisp+.
:smlib - (proprietary) add-on to implement :surf primitives with middleware and SMLib geometry kernel
depends-on: :surf, :uffi, :glisp+.
:yadd - self auto-documentation.
depends-on: gdl-base, gwl (and others if you want their documentation).
:build - Utilities for building development and runtime images with various GDL modules built-in.
depends-on: gdl-base.
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