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added more banner info at startup

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......@@ -90,13 +90,18 @@ respective authors:
~%~%~{~a~^, ~}.~%" ql-version ql-libs)) ""))
(defun development-build? ()
(let ((version-int (parse-integer *gendl-version* :junk-allowed t)))
(and version-int (numberp version-int) (oddp version-int))))
(defun startup-banner ()
(format t
Gendl® Free Edition, version ~a~a
Gendl® Free Software (AGPL) Edition, version ~a~a
Within ~a ~a
......@@ -119,12 +124,16 @@ License along with the source code for this program. If not, see:
(let ((release-candidate-timestamp
(when (boundp 'cl-user::*ci-data*)
(getf cl-user::*ci-data* :release-candidate?))))
(if release-candidate-timestamp
(format nil " (Release Candidate. Timestamp: ~a)" release-candidate-timestamp) ""))
(let ((ci-data (when (boundp 'cl-user::*ci-data*) cl-user::*ci-data*)))
(let ((release-candidate-timestamp
(getf ci-data :release-candidate?))
(ci-timestamp (getf ci-data :timestamp)))
(cond (release-candidate-timestamp
(format nil " (Release Candidate. Timestamp: ~a)" release-candidate-timestamp))
((and ci-timestamp (development-build?))
(format nil " (Development Build. Build Timestamp: ~a)" release-candidate-timestamp))
(t ""))))
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