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Gendl is an AGPL-licensed Generative Programming and Knowledge Based
Engineering framework, building on concepts dating back to the
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ For Proprietary (closed-source) development and distribution, the
commercial Genworks GDL system is available from
Current Requirements:
### Current Requirements:
1. Common Lisp: Allegro CL 9.0, LispWorks 6.x, SBCL, or CCL (Clozure
CL). Without web interface, initial ports to ECL, ABCL, and CLISP
......@@ -80,8 +80,6 @@ Slime is available with:
Documentation is in documentation/tutorial/pdf/tutorial.pdf
[!! Edit: the tutorial.pdf is temporarily removed for maintenance !!]
and this very much an active work in progress. Training tutorials and videos
are also in progress and in their current state are available in the
Documentation section on
......@@ -91,8 +89,7 @@ To help in understanding the role of each module, the overall Gendl
source architecture is partially described below.
Gendl source code Architecture:
### Gendl source code Architecture:
Gendl is separated into layered components, some of which depend on
others. Some components also depend on third-party external libraries,
......@@ -106,38 +103,37 @@ vanilla-mixin.
Including the base, there are eight modules supported with Gendl:
:base - (gendl/base/) Gendl language kernel.
* :base - (gendl/base/) Gendl language kernel.
:cl-lite - (gdl/cl-lite/) Gendl system definitions and loading
* :cl-lite - (gdl/cl-lite/) Gendl system definitions and loading
facility. Supplements our use of asdf and quicklisp.
:regression - (gdl/regression) regression test utilities.
* :regression - (gdl/regression) regression test utilities.
:geom-base - (gdl/geom-base/) Built-in Gendl wireframe primtives
* :geom-base - (gdl/geom-base/) Built-in Gendl wireframe primtives
and basic geometry/vector manipulation functions.
:gwl - (gdl/gwl/) Generative Web Language, represent web pages
* :gwl - (gdl/gwl/) Generative Web Language, represent web pages
using GDL objects, includes Ajax-based web interaction with
your model.
:gwl-graphics - (gdl/gwl-graphics/) include graphics rendered
* :gwl-graphics - (gdl/gwl-graphics/) include graphics rendered
from geometry object in GWL web pages.
:surf - (gdl/surf/) surface primitives without underlying
* :surf - (gdl/surf/) surface primitives without underlying
geometry kernel middleware or implementation.
:yadd - (gdl/apps/yadd/) self auto-documentation.
* :yadd - (gdl/apps/yadd/) self auto-documentation.
### License
Affero Gnu General Public License (
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