Commit a6363fc5 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias

Get rid of *grovelling-for-arglist* now that can do it more cleanly

parent 76581535
......@@ -1326,13 +1326,7 @@ to the context provided by RAW-FORM."
;; This might be useful further down.
(defvar *form-with-arglist*)
;; There are two different paths which call find-subform-with-arglist. We
;; want to know which one we're on and we do this by binding
;; *grovelling-for-arglist*.
(defvar *grovelling-for-arglist* nil)
(defun find-subform-with-arglist (form)
(defun find-subform-with-arglist (form &key for-completion?)
"Returns four values:
The appropriate subform of `form' which is closest to the
......@@ -1405,7 +1399,7 @@ to the context provided by RAW-FORM."
(grovel-form form '()))))
(handling-whatever ()
(let ((*form-with-arglist* form))
(if (and *grovelling-for-arglist*
(if (and for-completion?
(eq (car form) 'gendl:define-object))
(find-define-object-subform form #'punt)
(punt form))))))
......@@ -1500,8 +1494,7 @@ returned in that case."
(when (and (arglist-p argl) (listp args))
(values argl args)))))
(multiple-value-bind (form arglist obj form-path)
(let ((*grovelling-for-arglist* t))
(find-subform-with-arglist form))
(find-subform-with-arglist form :for-completion? t)
(declare (ignore obj))
(with-available-arglist (arglist) arglist
;; First try the form the cursor is in (in case of a normal
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