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......@@ -69,4 +69,31 @@ default for merged-solid."
"Cleaned up redundant and outdated jquery files."
"Added 3d-point and 3d-vector data types"
"Fixed outdated features in *features* list."
"Added query-slots to *allowed-define-object-toplevel-keywords"
"Added define-object-macro-toplevel facility"
"Added user-selectable continuation for existing destination directory in make-gdl-app"
"Added point-on-plane? and point-on-vector? functions"
"Added *bias-to-double-float?* parameter to determine whether half
and twice always return double-floats."
"Added args argument to not-handled error functions, so that wrappers
can be added which have access to the arguments passed to the
not-handled message."
"Applied Allegro CL patch to fix memory leak where repeated compiles
of same define-object would continually consume more heap."
(in-package :surf)
(define-object normally-projected-curve (curve)
:input-slots (from-surface
curve to-surface
(number-of-points 200))
:computed-slots ((sample-points (the curve uv-curve (equi-spaced-points (the number-of-points))))
(normals (mapcar #'(lambda(point) (the from-surface (normal (get-u point) (get-v point)))) (the sample-points)))
(projected-points (mapcar #'(lambda(point normal)
(the to-surface (projected-point (the from-surface (point (get-u point) (get-v point))) normal)))
(the sample-points) (the normals)))
(projected-points-3d (mapcar #'get-3d-point-of (the projected-points)))
(projected-points-uv (mapcar #'get-uv-point-of (the projected-points))))
:objects ((fitted :type 'fitted-curve
:points (the projected-points-3d))
(fitted-uv :type 'fitted-curve
:points (mapcar #'(lambda(point) (make-point (get-x point) (get-y point) 0)) (the projected-points-uv)))
(approximated :type 'approximated-curve
:curve-in (the fitted-uv)
:tolerance 0.00001)
(fitted-3d :type 'b-spline-curve
:knot-vector (the approximated knot-vector)
:degree (the approximated degree)
:weights (the approximated weights)
:control-points (mapcar #'(lambda(point)
(the to-surface (point (get-u point) (get-v point))))
(the approximated control-points)))))
(define-object normally-projected-curve-test (normally-projected-curve)
:computed-slots ((from-surface (the test-fitted-surface))
(curve (the projected))
(to-surface (the offset-surface)))
:objects ((test-fitted-surface :type 'test-fitted-surface
:grid-height 1)
(offset-surface :type 'rectangular-surface
:length 5 :width 5 :center (make-point 2 2 1.5))
(projected :type 'projected-curve
:curve-in (the segment)
:surface (the test-fitted-surface)
:projection-vector (the (face-normal-vector :bottom)))
(segment :type 'linear-curve
:start (make-point 1 1 3)
:end (make-point 3 3 3))))
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