Commit b94f22c8 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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fix for brep-intersect? function of brep

parent 96b594ae
......@@ -438,16 +438,13 @@ The function returns a NIL value if no intersection is found and T if a intersec
(angle-tolerance (radians-to-degrees *angle-tolerance-radians-default*)) \"Number, in radians. The angle tolerance for intersection.\")"
(brep &key
(tolerance (the adaptive-tolerance))
(angle-tolerance (radians-to-degrees *angle-tolerance-radians-default*)))
(let ((box-1 (the bounding-box))
(box-2 (the brep bounding-box)))
(if (box-intersection box-1 box-2) 't
(and (the (bbox-intersect? brep))
(brep-intersect? *geometry-kernel* (the %native-brep%) (the brep %native-brep%)
:tolerance tolerance :angle-tolerance angle-tolerance))
(other-brep &key
(tolerance (the adaptive-tolerance))
(angle-tolerance (radians-to-degrees *angle-tolerance-radians-default*)))
(or (box-intersection (the bounding-box) (the-object other-brep bounding-box))
(and (the (bbox-intersect? other-brep))
(brep-intersect? *geometry-kernel* (the %native-brep%) (the-object other-brep %native-brep%)
:tolerance tolerance :angle-tolerance angle-tolerance))))
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