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;;;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
(asdf:defsystem #:4bar :description
"The Gendl™ 4bar Subsystem" :author "John McCarthy" :license
"Affero Gnu Public License (" :serial t
:version "20130730" :depends-on nil
#+asdf-encoding :encoding #+asdf-encoding :utf-8
:components ((:gdl "source/4bar")))
(gwl:define-package :4-bar (:export #:assembly #:dd))
(in-package :4-bar)
(define-object dd (base-ajax-sheet base-object)
:computed-slots ((use-raphael? t)
(main-sheet-body (with-cl-who-string ()
(str (the development-links))
(str (the main-area main-div))
(str (the drop-coord-section main-div))))
(dropped-x-y (the main-area dropped-x-y))
(input-link-angle-d nil :settable)
:objects ((assembly :type 'assembly
:input-link-angle-d (or nil ;;(the input-link-angle-d)
(if (the dropped-x-y)
(angle-between-vectors-d (the (face-normal-vector :right))
(subtract-vectors (the dropped-x-y)
(the assembly ground-2))
(the (face-normal-vector :top)))
:hidden-objects ((drop-coord-section :type 'sheet-section
:js-to-eval :parse
:inner-html (with-cl-who-string ()
(str (the main-area dropped-x-y))
(str (the input-link-angle-d))
(str (the (gdl-ajax-call :function-key :set-slot!
:arguments (list :input-link-angle-d (if (the input-link-angle-d)
(1+ (the input-link-angle-d)) 90 ))))))))
(main-area :type 'base-ajax-graphics-sheet
:respondent self
:vector-graphics-onclick? nil
:length 500 :width 500
;;:projection-vector (getf *standard-views* :top)
:display-list-object-roots (list (the assembly)))))
(define-object assembly (base-object)
((ground-link-length 15 :settable)
(grounded-link-1-length 8 :settable)
(grounded-link-2-length 5 :settable)
(coupler-link-length 15 :settable)
(coupler-angle-1-d 30 :settable)
(coupler-length-1 10 :settable)
(input-link-index 1 :settable)
(input-link-angle-d 90 :settable)
(angle-increment 10 :settable))
((input-link-angle (degree (the input-link-angle-d)))
(coupler-angle-1 (degree (the coupler-angle-1-d)))
(ground-1 (translate (the center) :left (half (the ground-link-length))))
(ground-2 (translate (the center) :right (half (the ground-link-length))))
(follower-link-circle (the (grounded-link-circles (- 1 (the input-link-index)))))
(follower-link-ends (mapcar #'(lambda(flag)
(inter-circle-sphere (the input-link-circle center)
(the input-link-circle radius)
(the input-link-circle
(face-normal-vector :top))
(the follower-link-circle center)
(the follower-link-circle radius)
(list t nil)))
(follower-link-angles (mapcar #'(lambda(point)
(the follower-link-circle (face-normal-vector :right))
(subtract-vectors point
(the follower-link-circle center))
(the follower-link-circle (face-normal-vector :top))))
(the follower-link-ends)))
(follower-link-angle (apply #'min (the follower-link-angles)))
(follower-link-end (if (near-to? (first (the follower-link-angles))
(the follower-link-angle))
(first (the follower-link-ends))
(second (the follower-link-ends))))
(links (list (the ground-link) (the (grounded-links 0)) (the (grounded-links 1))
(the coupler-link)))
(sorted-links (safe-sort (the links) #'<
:key #'(lambda(link) (the-object link length))))
(shortest-link (first (the sorted-links)))
(longest-link (lastcar (the sorted-links)))
(p-link (second (the sorted-links)))
(q-link (third (the sorted-links)))
(crank-rocker? (and (eql (the grashof-classification) :type-1)
(or (eql (the shortest-link) (the (grounded-links 0)))
(eql (the shortest-link) (the (grounded-links 1))))))
(double-crank? (eql (the shortest-link) (the ground-link)))
(double-rocker? (eql (the shortest-link) (the coupler-link)))
(grashof-classification (cond ((< (+ (the shortest-link length)
(the longest-link length))
(+ (the p-link length)
(the q-link length))) :type-1)
((> (+ (the shortest-link length)
(the longest-link length))
(+ (the p-link length)
(the q-link length))) :type-2)
(t :neutral))))
((scratch :type 'assembly
:pass-down (angle-increment
ground-link-length grounded-link-1-length
grounded-link-2-length coupler-link-length
coupler-angle-1-d coupler-length-1
input-link-index input-link-angle-d)))
(follower-link-sphere :type 'sphere
:center (the follower-link-circle center)
:radius (the follower-link-circle radius))
(input-link-circle :type 'circle
:radius (the coupler-link-length)
:center (the (grounded-links (the input-link-index)) end))
(grounded-link-circles :type 'circle
:sequence (:size 2)
:radius (ecase (the-child index)
(0 (the grounded-link-1-length))
(1 (the grounded-link-2-length)))
:center (ecase (the-child index)
(0 (the ground-1))
(1 (the ground-2))))
(ground-link :type 'c-cylinder :radius 0.3
:start (the ground-1) :end (the ground-2)
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 2))
(pivot-1 :type 'cylinder
:center (the ground-link start)
:radius (the ground-link radius)
:length 0.5
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 3)
:orientation (alignment :front (the (face-normal-vector :top))))
(pivot-2 :type 'cylinder
:center (the ground-link end)
:radius (the ground-link radius)
:length 0.5
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 3)
:orientation (alignment :front (the (face-normal-vector :top))))
(grounded-links :type 'c-cylinder
:radius (the ground-link radius)
:sequence (:size 2)
:display-controls (list :color (ecase (the-child index)
(0 :red) (1 :green))
:line-thickness 2
:drag-controls (ecase (the-child index)
(1 :drag-and-drop)
;;(1 :drop)
(0 nil)))
:circle (the (grounded-link-circles (the-child index)))
:pseudo-inputs (circle)
:start (the-child circle center)
:end (rotate-point (the-child circle start)
(the-child circle center)
(the (face-normal-vector :top))
:angle (if (= (the input-link-index)
(the-child index))
(the input-link-angle)
(the follower-link-angle))))
(coupler-link :type 'coupler-link
:display-controls (list :line-thickness 2 :color :blue :fill-color :blue)
:pass-down (coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:start (the (grounded-links 0) end)
:end (the (grounded-links 1) end)))
(&key (start-angle-d 0) (end-angle-d 360) (increment (the angle-increment)) (write-pdfs? t))
(let* ((current-angle (the input-link-angle-d))
(angles (list-of-numbers start-angle-d end-angle-d increment))
(count -1) data)
(dolist (angle angles)
(the (set-slot! :input-link-angle-d angle))
(print-variables angle)
(incf count)
(with-error-handling () (push (the coupler-link datum) data))
(when write-pdfs?
(let ((filename (format nil "/tmp/4bar-~2,,,'0@a.pdf" count)))
(with-format (pdf filename :page-width (* 5 72) :page-length (* 5 72))
(write-the view-object cad-output)))))
(the (set-slot! :input-link-angle-d current-angle))
(nreverse data)))))
(define-object coupler-link (global-polyline)
:input-slots (start end coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:computed-slots ((datum (the edge-1 end))
(direction-vector (subtract-vectors (the end) (the start)))
(vertex-list (list (the start) (the end) (the edge-1 end))))
((baseline :type 'line
:pass-down (start end))
(edge-1 :type 'line
:pass-down (start)
:end (rotate-point (translate-along-vector (the start)
(the direction-vector)
(the coupler-length-1))
(the start)
(the (face-normal-vector :top))
:angle (the coupler-angle-1)))
(edge-2 :type 'line
:start (the edge-1 end)
:pass-down (end))))
(define-object coupler-link (line outline-specialization-mixin)
:input-slots (coupler-angle-1 coupler-length-1)
:computed-slots ((datum (the edge-1 end)))
((baseline :type 'line
:pass-down (start end))
(edge-1 :type 'line
:pass-down (start)
:end (rotate-point (translate-along-vector (the start)
(the direction-vector)
(the coupler-length-1))
(the start)
(the (face-normal-vector :top))
:angle (the coupler-angle-1)))
(edge-2 :type 'line
:start (the edge-1 end)
:pass-down (end))))
(publish-gwl-app "/4bar" '4-bar:dd)
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