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updated drawing examples

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...@@ -2,14 +2,31 @@ ...@@ -2,14 +2,31 @@
(define-object robot-drawing (base-drawing) (define-object robot-drawing (base-drawing)
:hidden-objects ((robot-assembly :type 'robot:assembly)) :hidden-objects ((robot-assembly :type 'robot:assembly)
(text-block :type 'robot-text-block
:robot-width (the robot-assembly height)
:robot-length (the robot-assembly length)
:arm-angle-left (the robot-assembly arm-angle-left)
:head-angle (the robot-assembly head-angle)
:body-angle (the robot-assembly body-angle)))
:objects :objects
((tri-view :type 'base-view ((text-view :type 'base-view
:border-box? t
:objects (list (the text-block))
:length (half (the length))
:width (half (the width))
:center (translate (the center) :rear (half (the-child length))
:right (half (the-child width))))
(tri-view :type 'base-view
:border-box? t :border-box? t
:object-roots (list (the robot-assembly robot)) :object-roots (list (the robot-assembly robot))
:length (half (the length)) :length (half (the length))
:center (translate (the center) :rear (half (the-child length))) :width (half (the width))
:center (translate (the center) :rear (half (the-child length))
:left (half (the-child width)))
:projection-vector (getf *standard-views* :trimetric)) :projection-vector (getf *standard-views* :trimetric))
(top-view :type 'base-view (top-view :type 'base-view
...@@ -60,7 +77,25 @@ ...@@ -60,7 +77,25 @@
)) ))
(define-object robot-text-block (typeset-block)
(robot-width robot-length body-angle arm-angle-left head-angle)
(tt:compile-text (:font "Helvetica" :font-size 12.0)
(tt:paragraph () "Robot Data")
(tt:table (:col-widths '(220 200))
(dolist (slot (list :robot-width :robot-length :body-angle :arm-angle-left :head-angle))
(tt:row ()
(tt:cell (:background-color "#00FF00") (tt:put-string (format nil "~a" (string-capitalize slot))))
(tt:cell ()
(tt:paragraph (:h-align :center) (tt:put-string (format nil "~a" (the (evaluate slot)))))))))))))
gendl.asd gendl.asd
gwl\gwl.asd gwl/gwl.asd
base\base.asd base/base.asd
surf\surf.asd surf/surf.asd
glisp\glisp.asd glisp/glisp.asd
apps\ta2\ta2.asd apps/ta2/ta2.asd
demos\bus\bus.asd demos/bus/bus.asd
apps\tree\tree.asd apps/tree/tree.asd
apps\yadd\yadd.asd apps/yadd/yadd.asd
cl-lite\cl-lite.asd cl-lite/cl-lite.asd
apps\tasty\tasty.asd apps/tasty/tasty.asd
demos\robot\robot.asd demos/robot/robot.asd
demos\ledger\ledger.asd demos/ledger/ledger.asd
geom-base\geom-base.asd geom-base/geom-base.asd
regression\regression.asd regression/regression.asd
gwl-graphics\gwl-graphics.asd gwl-graphics/gwl-graphics.asd
demos\wire-world\wire-world.asd demos/wire-world/wire-world.asd
apps\translators\translators.asd apps/translators/translators.asd
documentation\training\training.asd documentation/training/training.asd
documentation\training\g102-tud\examples\examples.asd documentation/training/g102-tud/examples/examples.asd
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