Commit d1d99c6c authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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parents 927b360d 8cd82e95
......@@ -295,11 +295,11 @@ If you are interested in this effort we would love to hear from you at open-sour
#-(or allegro lispworks sbcl ccl abcl ecl clisp) (error "Need package for mop:validate-superclass for currently running lisp.~%")
(defpackage :glisp
(defpackage :com.genworks.lisp
(:documentation #.(gendl-boot:system-description :glisp))
(:use :common-lisp)
(:shadow #:intern)
(:nicknames :com.genworks.lisp)
(:nicknames :glisp)
(:import-from #+(or allegro abcl) :mop #+lispworks :hcl #+sbcl :sb-mop #+ccl :ccl #+(or ecl clisp) :clos
......@@ -141,3 +141,24 @@ re-evaluates the expression to compute the original list of indices)"
(the (set-slot! :element-index-list
(append (the element-index-list) (list index)))))
(error "The element ~a is already active in ~s" index self))))))))
(in-package :tasty)
excl:without-package-locks #-allegro progn
excl:without-redefinition-warnings #-allegro progn
(define-object-amendment value-inspector ()
:input-slots ((value (with-error-handling ()
(let (gdl::*notify-cons*)
(the parent-node (evaluate (the message)))))))
(case (the value-type)
(:list (nth index (the value)))
(:gdl-sequence (let (gdl::*notify-cons*) (the value (get-member index))))))))))
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