Commit d2d729c8 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

Merge branch 'release/1592' of into release/1592

parents b52ae148 0c269482
......@@ -213,8 +213,6 @@
(when (or gendl-loaded? genworks-gdl-loaded?)
(funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"uiop:setup-temporary-directory\"))))
(cond (genworks-gdl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gdl:start-gdl!\"))))
;;(genworks-gdl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gdl::initialize\")))
;;(funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gwl::initialize\"))))
(gendl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gendl:start-gendl!\"))))
(t (format t \"~%%~%%***~%%Gendl or GDL is not loaded and did not load successfully
from .load-gendl.lisp in your home directory.~%%***~%%~%%\"))))
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