Commit d45feb31 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias

In find-subform-with-arglist, split off code walker (grovel-for-cursor) from...

In find-subform-with-arglist, split off code walker (grovel-for-cursor) from the arglist lookup.  Change the code walker logic to add a level of lookahead, allowing THE forms to be processed in context.  Record define-object forms in the code walker environment. Add support for looking up gendl function arglists.

 * add intern-arg utility function, use it.
 * add print-object method for arglist-dummy
 * don't import %cursor-marker%, use +cursor-marker+ variable consistently
 * fix messages-in-this-form to handle multiple instances of the same keyword in define-object.
parent 0770f6fa
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