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Release Notes for Build Stamp 2013022000 w.r.t. previous 2012113000
This is an interim release to avoid timed-out license expiration
while we are on the verge of a "proper" release candidate with
pre-built images and with Pro and Enterprise versions.
Also the plan is to update monthly via monthly Quicklisp releases,
with interim updates available via github. The updates will all be
done through automated pulling down and building of source code,
except for smlib.fasl and smlib.dll/so/dylib which remain
o New Manual (tutorial.pdf) continues to develop, major work still
needed in Geometry and Advanced Gendl sections.
o Additional Platforms for open-source version
[use (ql:quickload :genworks-gdl)]
CCL (Clozure CL) for Mac, Windows, Linux.
SBCL for Mac, Linux.
ECL, ABCL (no GWL and AllegroServe for these yet).
o Commercially Available Platforms (with SMLib kernel availability)
continue as Allegro CL Linux, Allegro CL Windows, LispWorks Mac.
64-bit builds are available for Evaluation and Purchase.
o Update to x3dom.js version 1.4
o Fixed set-default-float-format to set *read-default-float-format*
to 'double-float.
o Converted character encoding of files to simple ASCII where possible.
o Removed outdated portableaserve patches.
o Fixed position, orientation for X3D output for
o Added defgenerics to expanded define-object code for better ANSI
compliance and fewer compiler warnings on e.g. SBCL.
o Github Issues 44, 45, 61, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69
o Updated base64 encode/decode functionality (used with e.g. gdlAjax)
to handle utf-8 encodings (e.g. Chinese characters).
o Removed residual debug messages from GWL operations.
o Cleaned package definitions to avoid non-ANSI-compliant package
o Removed unnecessary code generated from define-object compiler.
o Cleaned up code generated from define-object compiler to eliminate
spurious "undefined" and "redefinition" warnings.
o Reverted with-corrected-orientation for X3D to fix orientation for
box and cone primitives.
o Added warning when calling set-slot! from within the body of a
cached operator (e.g. computed-slot). In future these will default
to Errors instead of Warnings.
Release Notes for Build Stamp 2012113000 w.r.t. previous 2012081900
o Moved to Allegro CL 9.0
o Added preliminary draft documentation/tutorial/pdf/tutorial.pdf
o Added cardinal-spline primitive
o Added support for 64-bit version of ACL 9.0 (sans SMLib for now)
o Added support for Symmetric Multiprocessing version of ACL 9.0
Release Notes for Build Stamp 2012081900 w.r.t. previous 2012080300
o REMOVED :agraph built-in support -- want to be able to load the
Franz Lisp client for Agraph 4.2x.
o ADDED :pxml support.
o ADDED :mysql client support -- this will be included in TU Delft
releases. We are trying to figure out how to include optional
support for this module, i.e. not to have it pre-loaded but to have
it available. This might not be possible in Gendl Professional
editions; it might be that Pro editions are limited to the
additional Franz commercial modules which are built-in by Genworks
at build time.
Release Notes for Build Stamp 2012080300 w.r.t. previous 2012080200
o FIXED glisp:set-gs-path to look in level up for gpl/ directory as
well, since Slime etc. work with it there now.
o REMOVED :mysql client support -- this will be included only in
special releases. The normal release will not include it, to
simplify installation by avoiding the need for additional .dll's to
be installed.
Release Notes for Build Stamp 2012080200 w.r.t. previous 2012052101
o ADDED billboard support for x3d/x3dom. Use :billboard
:billboard-vector keyword in :display-controls.
o ADDED partial text-line support for x3d, added anchor support for
x3d and x3dom. Bind gdl:*onclick-function* dynamically around call
to (with-format (x3d ...)) to apply an onclick function to the
o ADDED STEP assembly output with names and colors.
Produce assembly with
(with-format (step <path>.stp :assembly? t) (write-the ...))
Still missing: nested coordinate system transforms at
o ADDED sections to documentation/training/g102-tud/
o ADDED ability to have gpl/ directory (with gnu-emacs and
ghostscript) as a sibling directory of Gendl application directory,
in addition to the old style of having it be within the Gendl
o ADDED M-x gendl as startup equivalent to M-x slime
o ADDED M-x quit-gendl as shutdown equivalent to M-x slime-quit-lisp
o ADDED ability to use .gdl or .gendl as file extension, instead of
.lisp. This will work with Slime-mode, cl-lite, and asdf/quicklisp.
o ADDED surf:spiral-curve primitive (documented).
o ADDED surf:non-rational-curve primitive (documented).
Note that the driver for this was the fact that it appears that
lofted-surface will not work properly with a mixture of rational
and non-rational profile curves, so this primitive provides a
workaround. We will be confirming that this is indeed a limitation
of lofted-surface.
o ADDED Allegro :mysql client module to this release. Requires
installation of OpenSSL libraries on windows.
o FIXED bug with nested orientations in x3d lens.
o FIXED weight issues with rational b-spline-curve, b-spline-surface,
boxed-curve, boxed-surface.
o FIXED x3d display of left-handed coordinate systems (equivalent to
patch-003 in 2012052101)
o FIXED base-ajax-sheet to respect the specified doc-type-string.
Known Bugs:
approximated-curve is still not functional in the SMLib included with
this release. This should be resolved in the next release which has
an SMLib update.
Other Notes:
smlib::assembly-import is still available on experimental basis, not
documented. Accepts file-name as the main input-slot. Will
automatically choose the reader to use (step or iges) based on file
extension (.stp, .step, .igs, or .iges).
See the README.txt for important installation information.
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