Commit d87c4257 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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added more to geometry chapter

parent cd720d7b
(in-package :gdl-user)
(define-object display-color (base-object)
:input-slots ((number-of-boxes 5))
:computed-slots ((length 10)
(width (* (the length) +phi+))
(height (* (the width) +phi+))
(color-list (list :red :orange :yellow :blue :indigo :violet)))
:objects ((boxes :type 'box
:sequence (:size (the number-of-boxes))
:display-controls (list :color (or (nth (the-child index)
(the color-list)) :black)
:line-thickness 2)
:center (translate (the center)
:right (* (the width) (the-child index))))))
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