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okie try again

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......@@ -25,10 +25,15 @@
(defun initialize (&key startup-banner?)
(setq glisp:*gdl-program-home* (probe-file (glisp:executable-homedir-pathname)))
(setq glisp:*gdl-home* (make-pathname :name nil
:type nil
:directory (butlast (pathname-directory glisp:*gdl-program-home*))
:defaults glisp:*gdl-program-home*))
(setq glisp:*gdl-home*
:name nil
:type nil
:directory (let ((lastcar (lastcar (pathname-directory glisp:*gdl-program-home*))))
(if (string-equal lastcar "program")
(butlast (pathname-directory glisp:*gdl-program-home*))
(pathname-directory glisp:*gdl-program-home*)))
:defaults glisp:*gdl-program-home*))
(setq glisp:*gendl-home* glisp:*gdl-home*)
(when (find-package :asdf) (funcall (read-from-string "asdf:initialize-output-translations")))
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