Commit ded32e7b authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

got rid of some trace and debugging stuff.

parent 6873d7e0
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@
var panZoomSVG1 = svgPanZoom('#svg-1', {
zoomEnabled: true,
controlIconsEnabled: true,
preventMouseEventsDefault: false,
fit: true,
minZoom: 0.01,
maxZoom: 100,
......@@ -243,12 +244,12 @@
(when (or line-path-string curve-path-string other-path-string)
(with-html-output (*stream*)
((:path :d (string-append line-path-string curve-path-string other-path-string)
:vector-effect "non-scaling-stroke"
:stroke-linejoin stroke-linejoin
:stroke stroke :fill fill :stroke-width stroke-width
:onclick onclick
:onmouseover (format nil "style.strokeWidth = ~a;" (* stroke-width 3))
:onmouseout (format nil "style.strokeWidth = ~a;" stroke-width))
:onmouseover (format nil " = ~a;" (* stroke-width 3))
:onmouseout (format nil " = ~a;" stroke-width))
(:title (str (one-line
(format nil "~s" (cons 'the (let ((root-path (reverse (the object root-path))))
(if (eql (first root-path) :root-object-object)
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ function gdlAjax1 (params, asynch)
function gdlAjax (evt, params, asynch)
if (evt)
var target;
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