Commit e09fc992 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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deleted redundant system gdl-site.asd

parent e46dda75
(asdf:defsystem #:gdl-site
"Auto-generated asdf defsys from Genworks GDL cl-lite."
"Genworks and Dave Cooper unless otherwise indicated"
"AGPL unless otherwise indicated"
((:file "source/package") (:file "source/assembly")
(:file "source/contact") (:file "source/demos")
(:file "source/glossary") (:file "source/index")
(:file "source/landing") (:file "source/licensing")
(:file "source/maintenance") (:file "source/make")
(:file "source/mixins") (:file "source/new")
(:file "source/opportunities") (:file "source/options")
(:file "source/people") (:file "source/pricing")
(:file "source/products") (:file "source/publish")
(:file "source/security")))
\ No newline at end of file
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