Commit ea2a5a01 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

added intial release notes.

parent 01d32a0e
......@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ needs to be polished a bit more before loading it by default.
You can load Glime at any time with:
(load (merge-pathnames "emacs/glime.lisp" (glisp:*gdl-home*)))
(load (merge-pathnames "emacs/glime.lisp" glisp:*gdl-home*))
[glime needs to be loaded only on the Lisp (Swank) side, not on the
Emacs (Slime) side].
("Make the respondent default to the bashee for base-html-sheet, same as for base-ajax-sheet."
"Fix restore-slot-default to blank out version information at the true root
in the case that we are a root-object-object child of true parent."
"Fix restore-tree to restore to true root, and protect root-object-object
(the object of tasty or ta2) from being blown away and replaced with new object."
"Make write-snapshot remove the root-object-object from root-paths if called on
root-object-object below toplevel parent."
"Update the update! method to retrieve the version information from
the true root, in the case we are working on a root-object-object
below the toplevel parent."
"Fix the order of the returned u,v point for the point function of uv-iso-curve."
"Keep the items in internal %version-tree% sorted based on root-path length."
"Add a tolerance for stitched-solid, and add sew-and-orient by
default for merged-solid."
"Publish gdlAjax for all servers (including gwl:*ssl-server* if it exists)."
"Makes web-drawing and tasty respect background and foreground in *colors-default*."
"Correct snapshot output for objects not made with root-object-object."
"Remove superfluous debug statements for x3d output"
"Fix temporary-folder to respect glisp::*temporary-folder-function*, overridable by user code."
"Adds overridable initialize-instance! function to vanilla-mixin and
calls this from make-object and make-object-internal."
"Improve sort ordering for input forms from snap files and stored in version-tree root data structure"
"Add descriptive error message in case of missing aggregate in
add-notify-cons call (internal error reported with user code
explicitly calling (the aggregate)"
"Implement random back-off strategy for gwl:start-gwl, for when
default port 9000 and subsequent ports are busy."
"Prevent ht (hashtable) information from variable sequences from
showing up superfluously in snapshot files."
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