Commit 3f2b1195 authored by Gail Zacharias's avatar Gail Zacharias

Add support for different arglist encoding protocols

parent 7373e32e
......@@ -32,9 +32,11 @@
(defparameter *request-server-ipaddr* nil)
(defun decode-arglist-from-url (argstring)
(defmethod decode-plist-from-url ((syntax (eql :lisp)) argstring)
(base64-decode-list argstring))
(defparameter *remote-syntax* nil)
(defun remote-function-handler (handler &key (encode t)) ;;&optional lock
#'(lambda (req ent)
(progn ;; bt:with-lock-held (lock)
......@@ -43,7 +45,9 @@
(*ipaddr* (socket:ipaddr-to-dotted (socket:remote-host socket)))
(query (request-query req))
(args (rest (assoc "args" query :test #'string-equal)))
(args-list (decode-arglist-from-url args)))
(syntax-string (rest (assoc "syntax" query :test #'string-equal)))
(*remote-syntax* (if syntax-string (read-safe-string syntax-string) :json))
(args-list (decode-plist-from-url *remote-syntax* args)))
(glisp:with-heuristic-case-mode ()
(with-http-response (req ent)
(with-http-body (req ent)
......@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@
(defparameter *make-object-plist* nil)
(defparameter *fetch-plist* nil)
(defun encode-plist-for-url (encoded-plist)
(defvar *preferred-remote-syntax* :lisp)
(defmethod encode-plist-for-url ((syntax (eql :lisp)) encoded-plist)
(let ((*print-case* :downcase))
(base64-encode-list encoded-plist)))
......@@ -36,13 +38,15 @@
#+ccl (ccl:terminate-when-unreachable obj)
(defun do-remote-execute (request host port plist &key (decode t))
(defun do-remote-execute (request host port remote-syntax plist &key (decode t))
(let* ((encoded-plist (encode-plist-args plist))
(argstring (encode-plist-for-url encoded-plist))
(argstring (encode-plist-for-url remote-syntax encoded-plist))
(result (net.aserve.client:do-http-request
(format nil "http://~a:~a/~a?args=~a"
host port
request argstring))))
(let ((*print-case* :downcase))
(format nil "http://~a:~a/~a?args=~a&syntax=~s"
host port
request argstring remote-syntax)))))
;; Note that for now, return values do not obey remote-syntax, they are always in lisp....
(if decode
(decode-from-http (read-safe-string (base64-decode-safe result)))
(read-safe-string result))))
......@@ -51,7 +55,8 @@
(define-object remote-object (vanilla-remote)
:no-vanilla-mixin? t
:input-slots (remote-type (input-parameters nil) host port
:input-slots (remote-type (input-parameters nil)
host port (remote-syntax *preferred-remote-syntax*)
(remote-root-path nil)
......@@ -101,7 +106,7 @@
(request plist &key (decode t))
(do-remote-execute request (the host) (the port) plist :decode decode))
(do-remote-execute request (the host) (the port) (the remote-syntax) plist :decode decode))
(message part-name child &rest args)
......@@ -181,6 +186,7 @@
(defmethod ccl:terminate ((object remote-object))
(let ((data (list (the-object object host)
(the-object object port)
(the-object object remote-syntax)
(the-object object remote-id))))
(bt:with-lock-held (*remotes-to-purge-lock*)
(push data *remotes-to-purge*))))
......@@ -191,9 +197,9 @@
(pop *remotes-to-purge*))))
(unless remote (return))
(host port id) remote
(host port syntax id) remote
(let ((result
(do-remote-execute "delete-remote-object" host port
(do-remote-execute "delete-remote-object" host port syntax
(list :current-id (make-keyword id))
:decode nil)))
(unless (string-equal result "ok")
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