Commit 4dde9aa9 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

Updates to support latest demo application development.

parent 79dee4ba
......@@ -95,7 +95,20 @@ messages as base-object, which knows how to output itself in various formats."
(z (get-z point)))
(and (> (get-x (the (face-center :left))) x (get-x (the (face-center :right))))
(> (get-y (the (face-center :front))) y (get-y (the (face-center :rear))))
(> (get-z (the (face-center :bottom))) z (get-z (the (face-center :top)))))))))
(> (get-z (the (face-center :bottom))) z (get-z (the (face-center :top)))))))
closest-vertex (point)
(least #'(lambda(vertex)
(3d-distance vertex point))
(list (the (:vertex :top :right :rear))
(the (:vertex :top :left :rear))
(the (:vertex :top :right :front))
(the (:vertex :top :left :front))
(the (:vertex :bottom :right :rear))
(the (:vertex :bottom :left :rear))
(the (:vertex :bottom :right :front))
(the (:vertex :bottom :left :front)))))))
......@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ as with global-filleted-polygon."
((polygon-type 'global-filleted-polyline)
(crease-angle (half pi))
(%curves-to-draw% (append (the :polygon-original :%curves-to-draw%)
(the :polygon-1 :%curves-to-draw%)
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
(in-package :geom-base)
(define-object global-polygon-projection (base-object ifs-output-mixin)
(define-object global-polygon-projection (ifs-output-mixin base-object)
:documentation (:description "A polygon ``extruded'' for a given distance along a single vector.
For planar polygons, the projection vector must not be orthogonal to the normal of the plane of
......@@ -79,6 +79,8 @@ each direction.</li>
((polygon-type 'global-polyline)
(%renderer-info% (list :vrml? t :view-default :trimetric))
(crease-angle 0)
(%lines-to-draw% (append
(the :polygon-original :%lines-to-draw%)
......@@ -102,17 +104,37 @@ each direction.</li>
(polygon-2-effective (if (typep (the polygon-2) (the polygon-type))
(the polygon-2) (the polygon-original)))
(polygons-for-ifs (cons (the polygon-1 vertex-list)
(mapcar #'(lambda(p1-v1 p1-v2 p2-v1 p2-v2)
(list p1-v1 p1-v2 p2-v2 p2-v1))
(the polygon-1 vertex-list)
(rest (the polygon-1 vertex-list))
(the polygon-2-effective vertex-list)
(rest (the polygon-2-effective vertex-list)))
(list (the polygon-2-effective vertex-list))))))
(%vertex-array% (make-array (twice (length (the polygon-original vertex-list)))
(append (the polygon-1 vertex-list)
(the polygon-2-effective vertex-list))))
(let* ((num-of-vertices (length (the polygon-original vertex-list)))
(poly-1-indices (list-of-numbers 0 (1- num-of-vertices)))
(poly-2-indices (list-of-numbers num-of-vertices
(1- (twice num-of-vertices)))))
(append (mapcar #'list
poly-1-indices (append (rest poly-1-indices) (list (first poly-1-indices))))
(mapcar #'list
(append (rest poly-2-indices) (list (first poly-2-indices))))
(mapcar #'list
poly-1-indices poly-2-indices))))
;; FLAG -- figure out proper normals for these.
(let ((p1-list (the polygon-1 vertex-list))
(p2-list (the polygon-2-effective vertex-list)))
(cons (butlast p1-list)
(mapcar #'(lambda(p1-v1 p1-v2 p2-v1 p2-v2)
(list p1-v1 p1-v2 p2-v2 p2-v1))
p1-list (rest p1-list) p2-list (rest p2-list))
(list (butlast p2-list)))))))
((polygon-original :type (the :polygon-type)
......@@ -142,11 +164,12 @@ each direction.</li>
(the :polygon-original :vertex-list)))))
(define-object ifs-output-mixin ()
(crease-angle (half pi)))
((ifs-vertex-ht (when (the polygons-for-ifs)
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