Commit 503e7aeb by Dave Cooper

started generating html manual/tutorial.

parent d5bf3fcd
......@@ -335,9 +335,27 @@
(with-cl-who ()
(:p (:table (:tr (:td (ecase (the style)
(htm (:img :src (if (stringp (the image-file))
(concatenate 'string "images/" (the image-file))
(namestring (the image-file)))
(htm (:img :src (let* ((image-file (if (stringp (the image-file))
(concatenate 'string "images/" (the image-file))
(namestring (the image-file))))
(png-file (when (string-equal (pathname-type image-file) "pdf")
(make-pathname :type "png" :defaults image-file))))
(when png-file
(list (format nil "~a" *gs-path*)
(format nil "-sDEVICE=~a" "png256")
(format nil "-sOutputFile=~a" png-file)
(format nil "-dTextAlphaBits=~a" *gs-text-alpha-bits*)
(format nil "-dGraphicsAlphaBits=~a" *gs-graphics-alpha-bits*)
;;(uiop:copy-file png-file (merge-pathnames (file-namestring png-file) "~/tmp/images/"))
(namestring (merge-pathnames (file-namestring (or png-file image-file)) "images/")))
:style (format nil "width:~a;height:~a;" (the width) (the height))
:alt (the caption))))
(:boxed-figure (dolist (element (list-elements (the :elements)))
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
(defun replace-substring (string old new)
(let ((position (search old string)))
(if position
......@@ -317,7 +317,8 @@ If you specify :part-symbol-supplied, do not specify :instance-supplied."))
(setq pdf-file (merge-pathnames "example.pdf" (glisp:temporary-folder))
named-pdf-file (merge-pathnames (format nil "example-~(~a~).pdf" (the part-full-symbol))
(uiop:copy-file pdf-file named-pdf-file))
(when (probe-file named-pdf-file) (delete-file named-pdf-file))
(uiop:copy-file pdf-file named-pdf-file))
`((:p (:textbf (:underline "Mixins:")) " "
,(format nil "~{~a~^, ~}" (mapcar #'(lambda (sym) (string sym)) (the mixins-list))))
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