Commit 687d7f5d authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

removed old commented code, added base-format :functions

parent ba654931
......@@ -1348,6 +1348,16 @@ a separate object hierarchy." object self)))
(format *stream* "~%"))
(number &optional columns fraction-columns)
(let ((format-str (format nil "~~~{~a~^,~}f"
(remove nil (list columns fraction-columns)))))
(format *stream* format-str number)))
(format *stream* "~%"))
(&rest strings)
......@@ -315,36 +315,6 @@ from a saved snapshot file."
;; FLAG JB-090820 ticket #69, removed the :ident t part from with-cl-who as it inserts and
;; extra newline and that causes a bug in IE(7).
;; (with-cl-who (nil :indent t)
(with-cl-who ()
(when (the doctype-string) (str (the doctype-string)))
((:html :xmlns "")
(:head (:title (str (the title)))
(:link :rel "icon" :type "image/x-icon" :href "/static/gwl/images/favicon.ico")
(when (the additional-header-content) (str (the additional-header-content)))
(write-the standard-javascript)
;; FLAG JB100203
;; the additional-header-js-content is placed -JUST BEFORE- the body
;; when jquery js is added tot the head, then just before the body ensures that
;; all jquery is loaded.
(when (the additional-header-js-content)
(str (the additional-header-js-content))))
((:body :class (the body-class)
:onload (the body-onload))
(the reset-html-sections!)
((:div :id (the dom-id))
(str (the main-sheet-body)))))))
......@@ -549,9 +549,8 @@ function defined in the lens. Typically a <tt>write-html-sheet</tt> function wou
(with-format (html-format *html-stream*) (write-the (main-sheet)))
(with-format (html-format *html-stream* )
(write-the (main-sheet))))))
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