Commit 79dee4ba authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

added crease-angle as message of ifs-output-mixin

parent f599b9ed
......@@ -645,7 +645,3 @@ the box should be facing. Defaults to <tt>*nominal-y-vector*</tt>."
snap-to *nominal-z-vector*)))
......@@ -625,6 +625,23 @@
(mapcar #'(lambda(point) (the (global-to-local* point)))
(the vertex-list))))))))))))
(define-lens (x3d ifs-output-mixin)()
(cl-who:with-html-output (*stream* nil :indent t)
(:|Appearance| (write-the material-properties))
((:|IndexedFaceSet| :|solid| "FALSE"
:|creaseAngle| (format nil "~a" (the crease-angle))
:|coordIndex| (format nil "~{~{~a~^ ~}~^ -1 ~}" (the ifs-indices)))
((:|Coordinate| :|point| (format nil "~{~{~a~^ ~}~^ ~}"
(map 'list #'(lambda(point)
(let ((point (the (global-to-local* point))))
(list (get-x point) (get-y point) (get-z point))) )
(the ifs-array)))))))))))
(define-lens (x3d ifs-output-mixin)()
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