Commit b52ae148 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper

fixed bug in cl-lite

parent 95a3a92d
......@@ -356,8 +356,16 @@ Defaults to nil (i.e. we assume we are loading into a clean system and need all
:version ,(the version)
:depends-on ,(the asdf-depends-on)
,(format nil "%%remove%%#-asdf-unicode :defsystem-depends-on #-asdf-unicode ~a%%remove%%"
(format nil "(:asdf-encodings ~a)" (subseq (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on) 1 (1- (length (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on))))))
,(format nil "%%remove%%#+asdf-unicode :defsystem-depends-on #+asdf-unicode ~a%%remove%%" (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on))
(format nil "(:asdf-encodings~a)" (if (read-safe-string (read-safe-string (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on)))
(string-append " "
;;(subseq (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on) 1 (1- (length (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on))))
(format nil "~{~s~^ ~}"
(read-safe-string (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on)))))
;;,(format nil "%%remove%%#+asdf-unicode :defsystem-depends-on #+asdf-unicode ~a%%remove%%" (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on))
,(format nil "%%remove%%#+asdf-unicode :defsystem-depends-on #+asdf-unicode ~a%%remove%%"
(subseq (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on) 1 (1- (length (the asdf-defsystem-depends-on)))) "")
"%%remove%%#+asdf-encodings :encoding #+asdf-encodings :utf-8%%remove%%"
;; FLAG -- maybe can get rid of binaries and need to call (the compile-and-load)
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