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added more to G101 solutions file

parent 945bc9ae
(:michigan "lansing" :ohio "columbus" :washington "olympia" :colorado "denver" :utah "salt lake city")
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -96,6 +96,10 @@ Example call:
--> :helsinki
(unless (and (listp plist) (evenp (length plist)))
(error "~s is a malformed property list.~%" plist))
(when plist
(if (eql (first plist) keyword)
(second plist)
......@@ -132,7 +136,8 @@ position in the list.
Example call:
(position-filter #'oddp '(a b c d e f))
(position-filter #'oddp '(a berse result))
(when (funcall function c d e f))
--> (b d f)
......@@ -201,6 +206,99 @@ Example call:
(format t "~%!!!Function `~s' failed on ~s~% -- returned ~s when ~s was expected.~%~%"
(first test-case) (second test-case) result (third test-case))))))
(defun set-difference-o* (list1 list2 &key (test #'eql))
"Write a function which works just like set-difference,
except it retains the ordering of elements in the first list.
Example call:
(set-difference-o '(a b c d e f) '(e d b))
--> (a c f)
(let ((result nil))
(dolist (element list1 (reverse result))
(unless (member element list2 :test test)
(push element result)))))
;; Exercises from Slide 5.11
(defun sort-numbers (number-list &key (ordering :ascending))
(safe-sort number-list (ecase ordering
((:ascending :up) #'<)
((:descending :down) #'>))))
(defun sort-pairs (pair-list &key (ordering :ascending) (sort-by :number))
(let ((comparison-function (ecase ordering
((:ascending :up)
(ecase sort-by (:number #'<) (:string #'string<)))
((:descending :down)
(ecase sort-by (:number #'>) (:string #'string>))))))
(safe-sort pair-list #'(lambda(pair-1 pair-2)
(funcall comparison-function
(if (or (and (eql sort-by :number) (numberp (first pair-1)))
(and (eql sort-by :string) (stringp (first pair-1))))
(first pair-1) (second pair-1))
(if (or (and (eql sort-by :number) (numberp (first pair-2)))
(and (eql sort-by :string) (stringp (first pair-2))))
(first pair-2) (second pair-2)))))))
;; Exercises from Slide 6.10
(defparameter *current-directory* (make-pathname :defaults *load-pathname* :name nil :type nil))
(defun read-plist (&key (pathname (merge-pathnames "capitals.sexp" *current-directory*)))
(with-open-file (in pathname) (read in)))
(defun lookup-capital ()
(let ((plist (read-plist)))
(princ "Please Enter a Keyword: ")
(let ((keyword (read)))
;;(getf plist keyword)
(getf plist (make-keyword (string-downcase keyword)))
(in-package :gwl-user)
(defun plist-to-table (plist)
(with-cl-who-string ()
((:table :border 1)
(mapc #'(lambda(state capital)
(htm (:tr (:td (str state))
(:td (str capital)))))
(plist-keys plist) (plist-values plist)))))
;; Call the above with (gwl-user::plist-to-table (read-plist))
;; Exercises from Slide 8.4
(in-package :gdl-user)
(let ((values-ht (make-hash-table :size 100)))
(defun factorial* (number)
(or (gethash number values-ht)
(setf (gethash number values-ht)
(if (<= number 1)
(* number (factorial* (1- number))))))))
......@@ -212,8 +212,9 @@
(let ((gendl-loaded? (find-package :gendl)) (genworks-gdl-loaded? (find-package :genworks-gdl)))
(when (or gendl-loaded? genworks-gdl-loaded?)
(funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"uiop:setup-temporary-directory\"))))
(cond (genworks-gdl-loaded? (format t \"Deferring startup for GDL until license file is built.\" ;;(funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gdl:start-gdl!\")))
(cond (genworks-gdl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gdl:start-gdl!\"))))
;;(genworks-gdl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gdl::initialize\")))
;;(funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gwl::initialize\"))))
(gendl-loaded? (funcall (symbol-function (read-from-string \"gendl:start-gendl!\"))))
(t (format t \"~%%~%%***~%%Gendl or GDL is not loaded and did not load successfully
from .load-gendl.lisp in your home directory.~%%***~%%~%%\"))))
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