Commit 44d91ebe authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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support for viewport as component

parent fc4eb332
......@@ -230,6 +230,7 @@ x 1. Update welcome message to reflect empty object and refer to File->New.
(user-inputs :type 'user-inputs
:geysr self
:node (the inspector node)
:pass-down (root-object))
(inspector :type 'inspector
......@@ -46,7 +46,11 @@
(cons 'the (reverse (butlast (the node-root-path))))))
(unless (butlast (the node-root-path))
(htm " [the root object]")))))
(str (the settables-form inner-html))
((:table :class "inspector-table" :border 1)
(htm (:tr ((:td :colspan 2)
(str (the settables-form inner-html))))))))))
......@@ -75,25 +75,7 @@
(otherwise 1)))
;; FLAG -- fold this back into base-ajax-graphics-sheet on next build.
(format nil "
function x3draw ()
if (x3dom.type != 'undefined') x3dom.reload();
var elem = document.getElementById('view-~(~a~)');
if (elem) elem.setAttribute('set_bind', 'true');
var x3dom1 = document.getElementById('x3dom-1');
if (x3dom1) xruntime= x3dom1.runtime;
if (x3dom1) xruntime.resetView();
" (the view-selector value)))
(recompute? nil :settable)
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